Stronger bond in our family

Elias Decoene Start Date: Jul 16, 2018 - End Date: Aug 14, 2018
  • Pula, Kroatië

My Travel Story

by: Elias Decoene Start Date: Jul 16, 2018 - End Date: Aug 14, 2018

he Dear everyone,

Today, I ask you for a gigantic favor. I know that. But, I really want to do this because it's my family. I know that the slogan says "Fund meaningful travel experiences". But to me, this is one of the most meaningful experiences I can get. My family doesn't know I've set up this campaign because I don't know whether to have faith in it or not. And because if it works, I'd like to surprise them. Now, the reason I want to do this. I want to do this because we haven't got the money to go ourselves. We don't even have the money to pay for our bills. My older brother, Maxime, is 17 and he's doing everything he can so he can go live alone. Not because it's not good here in our house, but because he wants to prove he can stand up for himself, care for himself and much more. Personally, I'm 16 and I'm doing the same thing as my brother. In total, we are with 7 people in this household. So you can imagine the costs we have on a daily basis, and for travel expenses. A few times my brother Maxime and I went on a weekend out with our parents, and sometimes, it was my younger siblings and my parents who were gon for a few days. But we have never EVER gone out on an adventure together. Please help us make our bond in this family stronger and support every member of this family.

Do it for Ils, Dennis, Me (Elias), Maxime, Brent, Emma and Simon.

Thank you,

  • Pula, Kroatië