Travel fund for school project in Ulyankulu, Tanzania

Siddharth Thyagarajan Start Date: Apr 27, 2018 - End Date: Jun 25, 2018
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My Travel Story

by: Siddharth Thyagarajan Start Date: Apr 27, 2018 - End Date: Jun 25, 2018
Each movement for change finds its beginnings in a small idea which one continues to strive for until its is realised. I, Siddharth, am a student of architecture who believes that each one us has the potential to be an agent of change and progress in our capacities. I would like to bring my knowledge and experience together in a project that I am absolutely passionate and thrilled about and believe that it has the intentions and capacity to change the lives of many people. I am starting a fundraising campaign for a school project in Ulyankulu, Tanzania which is a collaboration between the WAYAir Foundation in Poland, the local stakeholders in Tanzania and being driven by the Design Team of Jeju Architecture.
We are looking to build a school for the community that shall involve the local community in the entire process which can also accommodate social activities to allow the school to be a social infrastructure that the local community can benefit from.
The construction for the school starts this summer and they are in need of volunteers who shall help build and oversee the construction of the school. As an architect who's passionate about working towards projects which can be agents and catalysts of social change, it shall be an honour and a privilege for me to be a part of this project.
As funding for this project is limited and covers the absolute essential costs, I would be extremely grateful to all fo you if you could assist me in funding my travel to Tanzania for this project.
Any amount shall go a long way and I promise that as an absolute sign of my gratitude I shall keep my donators updated about the project and hopefully some day by the smiles of the children who would love to have a school of their own in their village :)
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