Help my mother to see me again!

fitri khumaeroh Start Date: Feb 27, 2018 - End Date: May 27, 2018

My Travel Story

by: fitri khumaeroh Start Date: Feb 27, 2018 - End Date: May 27, 2018
Hello everyone,

My name is Fitri I am a 21-years old Indonesian and currently living in Belgium. At the moment I am joining an aupair year before studying. I left Indonesia almost 6 months ago and I will not come back until the next 3 years due to my study which I will do after my aupair year. I am on this site is because of my mother, she has been sick for quite awhile mostly it is her blood pressure which is above 200. At the moment she is hospitalized because of the same issue, high blood pressure. 

My mother is called Suminah, 45 years old and living with my father and sister in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. She is a very sweet and strick as a mother. My mother overthinks a lot therefore she always gets high blood pressure and is even unable to move her right side of her body which is now recovering. Mostly she thinks about me, how am I doing, have I eaten, do I stay with a nice family, am I healthy, do I have enough money to save up for my college, etc. 

Eventhough I have been away before, I was also an aupair in the Netherlands for one year, she still overthinks a lot. I came home right after my aupair contract in the Netherlands finished and stayed in indonesia for almost one year. During my return period, I have never seen her sick or similar situation like now. Generally, she never agreed that I come back to Europe to study but I kept going after she said yes yet I knew she did not really mean it, she was just trying to make me happy cause she knew that is something that I wanted. 

She always wants me to go home for quite awhile to see her but it is very impossible for me to go firstly it is expensive to get back home, secondly I am saving up for my study even sometimes I am running out of money in my checking account. As an aupair in Belgium I do not earn a lot as it is seen not a job. I only earn 450 euro per month and 350 euro goes to my saving every month. It is very impossible for me to buy a flight coming back home. Instead of me going back home I am thinking it would be better for her to fly to Europe so that she will see it herself how I live, what I eat, and how/what am I doing. I really hope it will make her feel better. That is the only way for her to get better. 

My mother is illeterate since she has been blind for a very long period since she was born and when she got her eyes successfully operated she thought she was too old to go to school. Indeed, back then she was above 30. Here the problem begins, taking my mother in Europe it means my sister has to home alone as well since she is illeterate. It is going to give her a very difficult time at the airports due to her nervousness as well, she has never been abroad and never been on the airplane. 

It becomes even more impossible for me to take them to Europe because at the end it would be very expensive therefore I am here to ask for your financial support, please donate as you wish. Help me and my mother to see each other again. 

Thank you very much in advance