Studying Abroad In South Korea!

Chelsea Webb Start Date: Nov 19, 2016 - End Date: Mar 18, 2017
  • Seoul, South Korea

My Travel Story

by: Chelsea Webb Start Date: Nov 19, 2016 - End Date: Mar 18, 2017
Ever since I was a small girl, watching television and seeing multiple languages fly across the screen, or even seeing different cultures, it has alaways been a dream of mine to travel abroad.  I have had several chances in high school to go abroad, however, due to lack of funding and personal expenses at home I wasn't allowed to live out one of my dreams.
Now that I am a college student, working towards my degree and trying to save up to go abroad, things seem to happen which put me a step back further in my plans. Yet, I am still not giving up because I got excepted into Korea University, and now I am trying to afford to live out this dream, and take the necessary precaustions.  Almost, everyday I try my best to immerse myself into some cultural aspect of South Korea. Whether it be watching television in korean, teaching myself the language, attending campus tutoring sessions, or even listening to music, I try to give expose myself with something from that region.
I am very passionate about being able to go abroad and experience not only the culture but others way of life. I want to be able to communicate with others more and open my world up beyond the walls that I see and experience on a daily basis. I want to build my language skills and make new friends from around the world. Sitting in a classroom only exposes you to so much, but it means so much more to actually go out and experience it, and that is what I want to do. With the little support that I have for wanting to go abroad, I appreaciate the ones in my household and my friends that give me the courage to be able to achieve this dream of mine.
By being able to do this, I am not only building up my character and image, but I'm improving my learning skills by coping and adapting to the new challenges that I will face on a daily basis. Being away from my loved ones and home life, I know I will have no one really to depend on besides myself. I want to be able to study abroad and be able to afford to go study abroad because, I want to be able to provide a better outlook on life myself.
By helping donate even just a little, it will mean a lot to me in the biggest way possible because you put thought into donating towards my cause. It would be greatly appreciated because then I am able to fully fulfill my dreams without having to constantly think about the stress of the financial issue of being able to see the world beyond what I see on a daily basis. So, if you could donate even the smallest amount then I would like to thank you for even doing so.
Thank you for your thoughts and consideration, and helping me achieve my life dreams step by step. 
  • Seoul, South Korea


  • Mentally Preparing

    As the days are ticking by to my departure, I can't be more excited and scared! Finally, getting to embark on a lifelong dream of mine and to escape from this bubble I created around myself, the feeling of independence is exciting and yet overwhelming! Agh, but here we go, continuously counting the days. Korea here I come!