Kenya 2017

Skye Walker-Smith Start Date: Feb 8, 2016 - End Date: Oct 31, 2016
  • Nakuru, Kenya

My Travel Story

by: Skye Walker-Smith Start Date: Feb 8, 2016 - End Date: Oct 31, 2016
In the summer of 2017, I will be going on a 2 and a half week trip to Nakuru, Kenya. During my stay there a group of student volunteers, including myself, will work at non-governmental organisation (NGO) schools with children from underprivileged communities in Nakuru. Volunteers will be helping in one or more roles; providing teaching assistance, getting involved with construction and renovation work to build new classrooms and school facilities or helping to run sports coaching sessions. No matter what we choose to help with, we will be making a difference to the lives of children from very deprived backgrounds. The classrooms we help to build will also be used as sewing rooms for women in the area, where they will make clothes and school uniforms.

Kenya is a country of real contrasts. Nakuru itself is a stone’s throw away from a world-famous national park and is a thriving city. However, in the slums, many Kenyans live in absolute poverty. Projects in Kenya provide not just an education but also many children’s only source of food. Nakuru is a 3 hour drive away from Kenya's capital, Nairobi.

During this trip, we will also be embarking upon a 4-day and 3-night safari trip at the Masai Mara.

I will also be finding other ways to fundraise/save money for this exciting, once in a lifetime opportunity, I do not expect to raise the full cost of this trip purely on charitable donations.
  • Nakuru, Kenya