Studying the Fashion Industry abroad in Florence, Italy

Sara Liddy Start Date: Sep 22, 2017 - End Date: Jan 19, 2018
  • Florence, Metropolitan City of Florence, Italy

My Travel Story

by: Sara Liddy Start Date: Sep 22, 2017 - End Date: Jan 19, 2018
“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do.” – Mark Twain

Hello Everyone! On January 24th, I will be leaving for a once in a lifetime opportunity to study abroad in none other than the beautiful city of Florence, Italy. I will be living, loving, and learning in Florence for 4 1/2 months while studying Apparel Design and Merchandising. This opportunity will allow me to explore the world for the first time and offer me an in depth look at life in a different culture. I will have the chance to interact with the residents of the community and grow both personally and professionally. As a student, I will be experiencing something new every day, taking it all in and absorbing as much of the culture as I possibly can. During my first week, I will spend time on an introductory orientation exploring a few cities in Italy to get me acquainted with my new surroundings. I am beyond excited to dive into this new world and discover things about Italy and myself. 

Pursuing my studies in Florence will largely benefit me in my field of study. Italy is an extremely fashion forward country and my travels here could help me in my future career aspirations.  I have been saving for this opportunity, but have many expenses yet to cover, including student loans, housing, etc. Any help I receive will be greatly appreciated. Thank you for taking your time to read about my Study Abroad opportunity and adventure to Florence, Italy. :)

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  • Florence, Metropolitan City of Florence, Italy


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    I just got my first donation! Thank you so much to Mrs. Irene Bourm! I very much appreciate the generous donation! I am so excited to get to Italy, and every donation makes a difference. Again thank you so much!