Help Kiara Save Endanger Turtles in Bali

Kiara Thomson Start Date: Apr 16, 2023 - End Date: Aug 15, 2023
  • Bali, Indonesia

My Travel Story

by: Kiara Thomson Start Date: Apr 16, 2023 - End Date: Aug 15, 2023
Hi there! My name is Kiara and I am from Las Vegas, Nevada. I am so excited to share with you about an incredible opportunity to help save endangered turtles in Bali! As a young girl who loves animals and nature, I am passionate about doing my part to protect our planet's beautiful creatures. 
In Bali, many of these majestic creatures are threatened by habitat loss, pollution, and other human activities. 
 We will learn about the importance of turtle conservation and engage in hands-on activities like beach cleanups, nesting surveys, and hatchling releases. We will also have the opportunity to educate others in the community about the importance of protecting these beautiful creatures.
But volunteering isn't just about giving back - it's also a chance to grow and learn. By participating in this campaign, I will gain valuable skills and knowledge about conservation, marine biology, and environmental sustainability. I will also have the chance to make lifelong friends and create unforgettable memories as we work together to save these incredible turtles.
So what do you say? Are you ready to join me in this amazing adventure to save endangered turtles in Bali? Let's make a difference together and help protect these beautiful creatures for generations to come! I really appreciate all of you for taking your time to review my profile, thank you!
  • Bali, Indonesia