BRAZIL: Study Abroad

Sam Schut Start Date: Apr 1, 2018 - End Date: Aug 28, 2018
  • Florianópolis, State of Santa Catarina, Brazil

My Travel Story

by: Sam Schut Start Date: Apr 1, 2018 - End Date: Aug 28, 2018
Growing up in a family of seven, travel was hard to get by. It was expensive. It was impractical. But I have always enjoyed traveling. There is something existential about it: traveling to a new culture, meeting new people, and sharing the Gospel outside of Ohio. So when I heard about studying abroad, I knew it was something that I would love taking part in. 

I did not know much about Brazil. All I knew was that they liked soccer and suntans. But when I researched what life was like there, I was surprised. The standard of living is much lower than America; the crime rate, much higher. The weather is balmy year-round (a pleasant surprise in light of Ohio weather). The native people love foreigners. And the evangelical christian church is booming. I had my reservations about going (a mere shred in comparison to my mother’s), but through thoughtful prayer and wise guidance I feel strongly that this is where God wants me come next spring. 

While in Brazil, I have no doubt I will partake in an entirely new experience. Although my time will be limited to only a few months, I have a verified understanding of how significant an impact it will have on me. My exercise science classes will have a completely different mindset that of the American counterpart. Exercise is a way of life down there. Dilapidated infrastructure forces people to walk and bike a majority of the day. I will come back with a distinctly different outlook on what exercise is and what implications it has on one’s health. I would not get to experience that staying in America. Furthermore, I will have the chance to take Portuguese and Capoeira (two uniquely Brazilian experiences). Greatest of all, I will get the chance to interact with fellow believers in a dramatically different way. Truth be told, I was terrified that I would not be able to find a local church to plug into while I was down there. But through communicating with many people, I am confident I will find a church that loves Christ and lives His teachings. 

All this being said, I am humbly asking for any donations to help fund my study expenses. I hope to use any extra money to support my local church down there. I understand these “fund” pages can be rather redundant and impersonal so my brother and I have designed a shirt to thank you for your donation. We placed Proverbs 16:9 on the front to remind ourselves (and you) that although we may plan what our lives will be like (often to the very last hour of the day), God has a plan that far outshines our own. Each day is a new day to enjoy His plan for our lives! The majority of the expense of a purchased shirt will go towards my travel! Please consider donating $30 to receive a shirt (send me your size and address); but if that is too much, no worries! If you would be willing to donate $20, you will receive a monthly newsletter outlining my time down there (with pictures of course) and the experiences I’ve had (send me your email address). Honestly, even $5 would be appreciated beyond belief! My total expenses come out to be just over $11,000. For those of you who would be willing to donate $100 or more, I will get you a one-of-a-kind, handpicked-by-Sam souvenir while I am down there! And if you don’t have the funds to donate anything I completely understand; all I ask is for your prayers that I would be able to raise enough money and accomplish God’s work in Brazil!

Thank you in advance for even reading this and considering helping me! May God bless you!
  • Florianópolis, State of Santa Catarina, Brazil