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Taylor Babcock Start Date: Feb 22, 2015 - End Date: Apr 12, 2015
  • Florence, Italy

My Travel Story

by: Taylor Babcock Start Date: Feb 22, 2015 - End Date: Apr 12, 2015
This summer I have an amazing opportunity to travel to Italy to further my education, to leave the comforts of the U.S. and to embrace myself in a new culture. It can be intimidating and scary to leave home and jump into a new atmosphere alone, but that is what makes it so exciting and worth while. Studying abroad is going to open my mind to new ways of living, while giving me different perspectives and lessons on life. As many of you know, I am always on the go, eager to never waste a second of my life, and traveling has always been a dream of mine. 

I will be traveling to Florence, Italy in June of 2015 to attend Florence University of the Arts. I will be taking courses that will not only help me graduate from Grand Valley State University, but will help me advance my future career. 

I am beyond excited for this once in a lifetime opportunity. Now I am asking you to please help offset some of the high costs to make my trip to Italy become a reality. I will be forever thankful for all your support whether through monetary donations or by prayer and thoughts. You will be helping me follow my dreams, change my life, broaden my horizons, letting me seize the moment not taking anything in this world for granted, and ultimately to live my life to the fullest. Thank you all for you support.
  • Florence, Italy


  • Week In London!

    I will be traveling to Birmingham and London for a week before I make my way to Florence. In Birmingham, I will be taking a Wine and Spirit Education Trust exam. This WSET course is a world-known certification in the wine industry. The hopes of this certification will be to further my options and opportunities for careers in the wine industry. :)