Volunteering on a Horse Ranch in Washington, USA!

Emilie Johnsen Start Date: Jun 18, 2013 - End Date: Jul 21, 2013
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My Travel Story

by: Emilie Johnsen Start Date: Jun 18, 2013 - End Date: Jul 21, 2013

It is on my bucket list to visit the West Coast of the US! I plan to be volunteering at KDiamondK Guest Ranch for 2 weeks in the beautiful state of Washington. On the ranch, I will help out with barn duties, kitchen and house cleaning duties, I will accommodate the guests that visit the ranch, and I will (most importantly) meet wonderful people and gain new experiences and knowledge. Also, I'll gain extensive skills in horseback riding..what could be better? :D Who knows...I might even come back with an accent ;) I do know one thing, it will be SO MUCH FUN!

By why a horse ranch?! For those of you that know me, the ocean is where I belong! This is true, however, I believe the world has so much more to offer than from where I can see it -- in a small beach city in Florida. Even though college is still my top priority, I want to see the world while I still can. I'll be using my "free" time during the summer to do just that!...all I have to do is get there! And because of YOU, I'm going to make that happen. :)
 I'm simply an eager traveler, anxiously waiting for that moment when I can fly free.

Here are the Details:

My housing and meals will be given to me in exchange for my hard work and labor (But really, I think it'll be more FUN work than anything), all I need is a plane ticket! And since I'm such a picture/video nut, I'll even create my own blog and video from my trip. :) Oh, what's an adventurer to do?

If you're curious about where I'm going, check out the ranch's website here!


If you're also interested about why I love horses so much...it all started before I was just a freshman in high school. In the video below and in my profile picture, you'll meet a beautiful male Paso Fino horse named Prophetta. My dad had a friend who owned him, and he let me go to the barn for a few days to take care for the horse, hoping to eventually make him my very own. I absolutely loved him: grooming/bathing him, feeding him, but most of all...riding him! I had an open field all to myself to go wherever I wanted, and that was freedom.

Unfortunately, my dad soon realized he couldn't afford to board a horse, nonetheless care for it. And so my younger dreams were crushed, as many of them always are when you're that age. But I still wish to relive those days again..and by making this trip, maybe I can do it all over again.


  • Various Locations, Multiple Countries


  • New Update Of My Flight Arrangements! ..Can You Say CRAZY?

  • First Donation In Less Than 24 Hours!

    Hey everyone!

    So in less than 24 hours I received my first generous donation! Thanks to a very special friend of mine, I am on my way to beginning a journey. Sometimes it's easy to forget just how wonderful people truly are..thank you!

    So this is what I've decided:

    To every person that helps my campaign, I will personally send you a postcard and short video from my destination. :)

    I can do this, nothing is too great or too impossible!