Study Music in Vienna

Deana Hero Start Date: Mar 8, 2013 - End Date: May 22, 2013
  • Vienna, Austria

My Travel Story

by: Deana Hero Start Date: Mar 8, 2013 - End Date: May 22, 2013

Studying abroad in Vienna, would be a dream come true for any musician. Indeed, a musician like myself has been granted that opportunity. I will be taking a music history class over the Biedermeir Era, taking private lessons from a classically trained Clarinetist, and learning the German language. I plan on taking the knowledge that I gain from over there, and applying it to my teaching and performance skills. Being internationally trained in Vienna can only do great things for me and my resume. Learning how to play the clarinet in a small town near south Texas was a great foundation. However, I am growing with age, knowledge, and ability. I truly believe that these international skills will not only help me become a better performer, but a better teacher. So, if you're feelin' generous today, getting any bit of help I can will help make my dream come true!

I vow to do great things with your donations. :)  

  • Vienna, Austria


  • First Payment

    Made my first payment to hold my spot! It's starting to look official. :) Thanks everyone!