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Caroline Shanahan Start Date: Sep 21, 2015 - End Date: Jan 4, 2016

My Travel Story

by: Caroline Shanahan Start Date: Sep 21, 2015 - End Date: Jan 4, 2016
Hi everyone! My name is Caroline Shanahan and I am a sophomore nursing student at Monmouth University studying to obtain my Bachelors of Science in Nursing degree. This January I am travelling to Haiti with Foundation for Peace and Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society of Nursing to volunteer in medical clinics and distribute supplies to those in need. Over the course of a week I will work with nurses, physicians, and allied health care professionals from various schools to provide medical care to those in need who are still suffering from the effects of the 2010 earthquake devastation. On site, I will see over 200 familes a day (of 5 or more members per family)! Thats 4,000 people and more than I will work with clinically in the states for the duration of my career at Monmouth. 

I am responsible for purchasing and assembling 35 hygiene kits, in addition to flight expenses, and an $800 fee to cover food among other additional expenses. Due to my inability to cover these costs on my own, I kindly ask that you consider donating in any amount to help me pay for this mission trip. 

It is my dream to be a traveling nurse someday and this trip is everything and more at this point in my life! I never would have imagined studying abroad as a student at Monmouth, due to the rigor of this program and the financial committment that coincides with it. However, when I was proposed with this option, I knew I had to participate. Thank you in advance!! If you cannot donate, I understand, please share instead! Any little bit counts!