Hannah's Bali Mental Health Placement

Hannah Dickson Start Date: Oct 9, 2016 - End Date: Oct 8, 2017
  • Bali, Indonesia

My Travel Story

by: Hannah Dickson Start Date: Oct 9, 2016 - End Date: Oct 8, 2017

In August 2017 I will be going to Bali to do some volunteer work.  

Why Bali? 
Bali is an absolutely beautiful place that is poular with tourists.  It is also an area of the world where mental health is still a massive problem.  I hope to make a difference to the Balinese communities while I am there.   

For some of the time I'm in Bali, I will be volunteering at a psyhiatric unit.  Mental health is a huge issue in Bali and the units are under-staffed and under-resourced so I hope to make a big difference for the short time I am there.  In Scotland, I volunteer at the Royal Edinburgh Hospital, and have done for a few years now.  I have volunteered maninly with dementia patients but also have experience on the acute mental health and rehabilitation wards.  

In Bali I will also be working with people with special needs.  Here in Edinburgh I have worked with different organisations as a support worker for children and young adults with a range of special needs.  This is absolutely where my passsion lies and is something I hope to pursue career wise.  

I will also be teaching English as a foreign language when I am in Bali and this will be useful should I pursue a career in any form of education.  I will hopefully work towards a certificate that allows me to teach English as a foreign language in other countries while I am away.

I will take the skills and knowledge I have gained in the UK to do as much as I can in Bali.  I recognise that it will be challenging due to cultural and language barriers but it will be a great chance to really think about how to provide the best services for people in need.  To help with the language side of things, I will be learning some Balinese before I go! 

Okay so the cost. The program fee is about £1350.  This includes homestay, two meals a day, training and activities.  This doesn't cover my travel or insurance.  I am going to pay as much of it as I can by means of my part-time job.  However, it would also be incredible to have some voluntary donations.  This is my fundraising page.  I will also hopefully be organising a craft sale and/or ceilidh to raise some money.  

I hope that my trip will help me gain entry to a postgraduate degree in autism research or special needs education, and I hope it will help me land a secure job in this area of work.  

I really hope you will support me on my journey and I will keep you all updated about my fundraising efforts and the trip when the timecomes. 

Hannah :) x
  • Bali, Indonesia