Opportunity of a Life Time!!

Amber Smith Start Date: Jul 2, 2018 - End Date: Feb 26, 2019
  • Shanghai, China

My Travel Story

by: Amber Smith Start Date: Jul 2, 2018 - End Date: Feb 26, 2019
Hello Everyone,

A few weeks ago I was offered the opportunity of a lifetime. As, an education major, one thing that I lack is teaching experience. However, a few weeks ago I was offered a teaching position. This position is in an amazing place, that I would love to visit. Please support me in my endeavor to successfully Teach English in Shanghai, China! A position like this will allow me to experience a new culture and will launch my career as an educational professional.

Through this opportunity, I will be able to get certified and work at the job that I am currently being educated for. Not only is this opportunity amazing for my educational and career goal, but this opportunity will allow me to travel and live in a foreign country, enriching my life. I am working toward paying for the move as well, I have moved back home and sold most of my belonging (however, it was not much as I am a college student). I just need a bit of a boost to reach the end of my goals in this matter.

A little more about me, I am a college student working two jobs to support my education. As mentioned I am working toward a Master’s in education. I am specializing in online technology and curriculum design because I would like to be an online educator. I chose to pursue the path of an online educator because I believe that is where the future of education is going. However, for as much as I want to pursue a career as an online educator, I believe that it is important for me to also have experience in the classroom. It is for this reason that I believe this opportunity is so important to my career.

The opportunity provided to me in Shanghai China requires me to leave in September. The employer has offered me a year contract and visa assistance. The only thing that I really need to do is get myself to Shanghai and I need to be able to house myself. I am excited for this experience to be of the enrichment that it will bring to my life. I am reaching out because getting to Shanghai is not something that I am able to do on my own at this time.

Help me help others with your kind contributions through donations. I thank you all so much!

  • Shanghai, China


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    I leave for Shanghai in 41 days!!