Help create a haven for our elephants!

Anne Schoonen Start Date: Aug 3, 2016 - End Date: Feb 2, 2017
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by: Anne Schoonen Start Date: Aug 3, 2016 - End Date: Feb 2, 2017
Help me create a h(e)aven for them!

As you may know, more and more countries in Europa are banning wild animals in circuses. Okay, the elephants are saved from the circuses now, but then what happens to them?
Elephant Haven is an European Elephant Sanctuary for those elephants which need to have a place to retire.

The founders, Tony Verhulst and Sofie Goetghebeur, like me, are passionate about the resocialization and rehabilitation of elephants. They also want to research the complex needs and behaviour of the elephants, and publish this information.

I already have skyped and emailed with the owners. My experience with them has been so positive, that I want to help them to reach their goal to build their Elephant Haven in France.
I am really looking forward to visiting their European Elephant Sanctuary, but it’s not finished yet. The process of building the sanctuary is now in progress, but they need necessary materials and tools to complete this. With the help of sponsors they will accomplish their goal. Therefore, I want to ask you for donating!

Wouldn’t it be great if we can help them build a safe-haven for one of the most peaceful and incredible  animals on earth? Don’t hold back, let’s help them!

When I’ve raised at least 500,- euros, I am going to Tony and Sofie in France to hand them our donation in person! I’m going to give all of the donated money to them, I will be paying my own trip. I will record my trip on video, so you have the possibility to see what you’ve invested in!

Want to take a look at the site of Elephant Haven? Check out the link:

Thanks for your support! –xoxo-

Don`t have a creditcard? Donate directly at my bankaccount: ANS Schoonen, NL77RABO0170891232. 
Please send an email with your first&last name and the amount of your donation after donating without creditcard to 
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  • Almost €200,-

    Almost €200,-
    We are going to €200,-! Unfortunately, the money directly donated to my bankaccount is not visible here on my page, but my excel document shows you the progress!
    Again, thank you all so much!
  • First Donation!

    First donation!
    Wow! The first donation is a fact, thank you so much for the support!!