Bringing Pet Resources to Havana

Ken Foster Start Date: Oct 28, 2018 - End Date: Dec 6, 2018
  • Cultural Exchange
  • Educational/Research Trip
  • Volunteer Trip
  • Havana, Cuba

My Travel Story

by: Ken Foster Start Date: Oct 28, 2018 - End Date: Dec 6, 2018
  • Cultural Exchange
  • Educational/Research Trip
  • Volunteer Trip
Note: the activities described comply with EAR § 740.12.

This coming December I am planning to return to Havana, Cuba with veterinary supplies to donate to local rescue organizations and to continue conversations we began two years ago about finding ways to bring spay/neuter volunteers to help with both supplies and surgeries.  Cuba is a beautiful puzzle, with wonderful people who love their animals.  But things there, including open conversation about things as simple as animal welfare, are complicated.  On our first trip, in December 2016, we were able to bring suitcases for of supplies for a low cost veterinary clinic there: Aniplant.  These included many things that would be easy to get in the US: syringes, needes, flea medication, bandages, etc.  

Full disclosure: I planned this trip, with like-minded colleagues in the animal world, some months ago when was working two jobs.  Now I'm just working one, and the shortage in income has caused me to consider cancelling the trip.  But travel to Cuba is relatively cheap, many elements of the trip are already in place, and so I'm now hoping to raise enough funds to go, or possibly fund an abbreviated trip.  Also, I should mention that I'm a writer, and had planned to attend some of the 40th Anniversary events of the Havana Film Festival while there (All Access Pass is just $40) and visit some boxing gyms for a work in progress.  

The good news, for you, is that because I'm a writer, I can offer a great option for potential funders: signed copies of my new book City of Dogs (you can view the book's video here: ).  With this option, you can get a signed book (or books in time for holiday giving) and half that amount will fund the trip while the rest pays the publisher and postage.  You can also, if you wish, make a straight donation, with the option of requesting a Cuban souvenir with will be delivered on my return.
  • Havana, Cuba


  • Here's The Official Wish List For Veterinary Supplies

    Here's the official wish list for veterinary supplies
    TAP Animal Project WISH LIST for the care of dogs and cats in Cuba
    Animal medicines and supplies needed most:
    • Flea and Tick preventatives/medicines like NexGuard, Frontline or Advantix
    • Ehrlichiosis testing kits like 4Dx or ELISA test kit
    • Mange medicines like Demodex
    • Anti-parasite medicines like Ivermectin
    • Antiseptics like Chlorhexidine or Povidone Iodine
    • De-wormers and Heartworm preventatives like Safe-Guard, Heartgard, Interceptor
    • Antibiotics like Amoxicillin, Tetracycline or Doxycycline
    • Syringes (3, 5 ml preferred, some 1s ok)
    • Sutures (Absorbable, sizes 3-0, 2-0, 0 and/or 1)
    • Sterile surgical gloves (size 7 1/2 or 8), sterile gauze, surgical drapes
    • Surgical instruments like dissection (with & without teeth), scissors, forceps, hemostat pliers
    • Towels and blankets
    • Medicated dog shampoo
    • Animal-related coloring books and children's books or toys for educational programs
    Painkillers and anesthesia drugs are controlled substances, and are subject to strong controls on possession, transport, and use. Unless you are a veterinarian or doctor with proper licensing for traveling with controlled substances, DO NOT attempt to take these into Cuba!
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