Mental Health Volunteering in Sri Lanka!!

Megan Dunnage Start Date: Feb 13, 2017 - End Date: Nov 12, 2017
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My Travel Story

by: Megan Dunnage Start Date: Feb 13, 2017 - End Date: Nov 12, 2017
At the end of August I will be travelling to Sri Lanka to complete in a 5 week mental health placement. While I'm out there I will be staying in a Sri Lankan families house so will be emersed into the culture eating A LOT of Sri Lankan curry!!

Throughout the week I'll be working with individuals with mental health issues using different types of therapies in different settings. This will also include work with people with special needs and teaching English in schools. I'll be using the skills I'm learning on my degree to help improve the mental health in Sri Lanka and in return wil get a wealth of knowledge and experience I couldn't possibly get anywhere else. I hope that my experience will continue the amazing work SLV global and other organisations are doing to help the mental health sector. I'm so fortunate to get this oppurtunity to travel as well as learn loads of new skills. Mental health is extremely important worldwide and effects over 1/4 people in the UK alone so should not go unnoticed. There is a link below if you want to find anymore information about what I'll be doing.

I'm so excited for what will be a very challenging 5 weeks! Any little donations will count! Thank you in advance! xxxx
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