Ashley's South African Veterinary Adventure!!

Ashley Tan Start Date: Jan 31, 2018 - End Date: Jun 9, 2018
  • Chintsa, Amatola Coastal, Eastern Cape, South Africa

My Travel Story

by: Ashley Tan Start Date: Jan 31, 2018 - End Date: Jun 9, 2018
Hey everyone!

You all know me as that family member or friend who goes over to your house and will, more likely than not, find your pet(s), leave the circle of talking adults and spend a majority of the time playing and establishing a bond with your fur-babies. Because after all, no matter how big or small, hairy or stinky, they are family. Ever since I could remember I knew I had a special connection with these creatures and I knew there was nothing more I wanted to do in life than to help those who don't have a voice and make their lives as best as they can possibly be. 

So here I am currently chasing my dreams of becoming a Veterinarian. I will be finishing my first year of Veterinary School at St. George's University in Grenada. 

Animals and adventure is what I live for! On top of loving animals, I also love to travel and what better way to spend my summer than to combine the two!
This summer I will be joining the Safari4u Advanced Veterinary Program in Chintsa, South Africa. It is here I will be working under the supervision of an experienced South African Veterinarian, taking on tasks in a variety of fields -- small animal (dogs and cats), large animal (cows and horses) and even wildlife (rehabilitation and release). Stepping out of my comfort zone and dealing with a variety of animals, not just cats and dogs, will begin to shape me as a well-rounded Veterinarian and will open many doors of opportunity. 

What I love about this program the most and a big reason why I am getting into the field of Veterinary medicine is because I will be helping disadvantaged communities that cannot afford veterinary care for their pets and livestock. I had an eye-opening experience in Costa Rica 3 years ago while helping the local communities and treating their pets. It not only made me more confident with treating and dealing with animals in a clinical setting, but it was humbling to know I was making a difference to their community. Now I hope I can do the same in South Africa!

With all that being said... unfortunately for Veterinary students we do not have the luxury of paid internships, free volunteer programs and are expected to have some type of experience working in the field while trying to stay alive as we drown in an ocean of student debt.

I am fundraising for my trip to South Africa this summer. My goal is $3,500 to assist me in paying for the program. I do not expect anything from anyone (I hate asking for anything... especially money), but I am putting this out there because any little bit will help me tremendously! Thank you so much in advance for helping me to help the animals! :)

  • Chintsa, Amatola Coastal, Eastern Cape, South Africa