Clincal and Ancient Psychology Progam

Eleanor Speakman Start Date: Feb 7, 2018 - End Date: Jun 11, 2018
  • India
  • Mysore, Karnataka, India
  • Ooty, Tamil Nadu, India
  • Cochin, Kerala, India
  • Munnar, Kerala, India

My Travel Story

by: Eleanor Speakman Start Date: Feb 7, 2018 - End Date: Jun 11, 2018
Hey, welcome to my travel story! Thank you for clicking on my page. 

I have chosen to travel abroad to complete a Clinical and Ancient Psychology Program in India. This is because I am interested in exploring how different cultures approach psychological treatments in mental health, and how their traditions impact this. It will allow me to offer my support in return, and bring insightful knowledge back with me to the UK, where I hope to work in mental health and employ the best methods to help people who need it.

What does the placement involve?

The placement involves going to India for 2 weeks to promote well-being to those who experience mental health problems. I will explore how ancient eastern methodologies such as meditation and yoga, works together with modern medicines. This insight into global mental health treatment is followed by one week of exploration of the indian coast.
A breakdown of activities (it may alter slightly) can be found on the following link:

Why am I doing this?

Not only will this give me amazing life experience and understanding of another culture, but it will further my understanding of global mental health treatments and hopefully aid me in successfully gaining my place on a Clinical Psychology doctorate.

A Clinical Psychology Doctorate is VERY competitive, and I need to stand out from the crowd- this will definitely help me to do so! It will give me such invaluable insights into mental health. Thus providing me with a unique set of transferable skills, that will prepare me in dealing with scenarios in the clinical psychology world, as I will be interacting with a variety of people, including the Indian locals, the project volunteers, and those suffering ill mental health

I have always had a huge passion for helping people and I want to experience as much of this as I can, in a variety of ways. This is one massively unique way of bringing happiness to a community. If you can make a difference, you always should.

Why India?

I have chosen this location because India is rich in history and diversity, and is the origin of ancient eastern psychological practises. It is the perfect place to immerse myself in these traditions and expand my knowledge. India is somewhere where you can just enjoy life for what it is, without the distractions of social media notifications. It is filled with amazing architecture, beaches, markets, food, nature and wildlife. It has every aspect of travel; thus, it would give me a whole new perspective on life.

How will this benefit others?
The project will benefit others because I will be able to bring back new information on potential treatments for the mentally ill, and hopefully implement the best treatments in the future, combining the old with the new, with insightful knowledge.
this would benefit communities in India, because it will positively impact the mental health system there, increasing people’s awareness, and with knowledge being taken back to the UK, it may influence myself and others to help improve treatment and mental health facilities in Less Economically Developed Countries. Whilst I am there, I will be able to help individuals in the community to begin overcoming their struggles, through the yoga and meditation practices and providing support. I think they will feel positive to see that volunteers are there for them and care.

Please help me to make these dreams come true, even the smallest donation will make the biggest difference. THANK YOU!
  • India
  • Mysore, Karnataka, India
  • Ooty, Tamil Nadu, India
  • Cochin, Kerala, India
  • Munnar, Kerala, India


  • Car Boot Sale- 25th February

    Car Boot sale- 25th February
    So the first fundraising opportunity has been arranged! Starting simple with a classic car boot sale.

    I forgot how many books I have from when I lived at home, and of course the copious amount of clothing that I've held on to "just incase" (we've all been there).

    But I've finally brought myself to say goodbye in the name of charity. I will also be selling board-games, toys, classic games, and various household items that I no-longer need. If you love a bargain, please come and look at what I have to offer!

    -Trinity Rd
    -Liverpool, Bootle
    -L20 7BD

    -Sunday 25th February

    - Any time from 6am-12pm that day.

    Can't wait to see some of you there :)
  • Fundraising!

    So, this week I am planning all of my fundraising offline! I hope to raise at least 30% of the funds through events and activities. That way, people in the community can benefit too!
    Here are my ideas. I will update next week with some formalized plans!
    -Bag packing (with scouts, so they can receive a 50% share of the donations)
    - Car boot sale
    - Cake sales at university (I know I'm always craving a tasty pick me up when those deadlines come around!)
    - Donation boxes
    - Car wash
    - Chores for my neighbours
    - Quiz nights
    - Movie nights

    Any ideas are welcome!!