The Journey to Ghana

Emily Manakides Start Date: Mar 16, 2018 - End Date: Aug 12, 2018
  • Accra, Ghana

My Travel Story

by: Emily Manakides Start Date: Mar 16, 2018 - End Date: Aug 12, 2018
When I became a student at Penn State I knew I wanted to study abroad in a location completely different from my own. I wanted the program to have multiple elements to it and not focus solely on academics. After some digging, I stumbled upon the CIEE program to Ghana. It has everything a student could want to make the most out of their study abroad experience with different volunteer and internship opportunities. As an aspiring medical professional, it would be an honor to shadow nurses in the West African Aids Foundation. The ability to see the workings of this organization first hand is a unique experience that cannot be duplicated. There are also a number of ways to help out in the community such as volunteering at clinics, schools, and orphanages. Volunteer work is something near and dear to me as it has shaped my life growing up and the career path I have chosen. The best way to really understand the culture of another country is to work with its people— to step inside their shoes and see them individually. Since September I have been working to make this trip happen and I refuse to abandon it. I am so determined to make the journey a reality and I believe with a little help it absolutely can be. I cannot express my gratitude enough!
  • Accra, Ghana