Veterinary Spay & Neuter Program in Nicaragua

Catherine Herlihy Start Date: Feb 5, 2013 - End Date: May 28, 2013
  • Granada, Nicaragua

My Travel Story

by: Catherine Herlihy Start Date: Feb 5, 2013 - End Date: May 28, 2013

This summer I will spend a week in Granada, Nicaragua, with World Vets, a non-profit organization providing veterinary care to companion animals and livestock in developing countries. World Vets has a small surgical facility in Granada, where I will assist in spay and neuter surgeries on dogs and cats from in and around the city. The surgeries we perform will help reduce the dog and cat overpopulation, a major problem in that city, as well as many other large cities in Central America.

Last year I participated in a similar program in Costa Rica and Nicaragua. While I know our work in Costa Rica was beneficial and appreciated, because of the poorer economic conditions in Nicaragua I felt our work had a greater impact there. For this reason I have chosen a program which will allow me to return to Nicaragua and once again make an impact on the lives of both its animals and people.

I ask for your support because there is a significant cost associated with travelling to Nicaragua and participating in this program. Many of you have generously lent your support to my veterinary endeavors over the years; I am calling upon you once again. For those of you I am contacting for the first time, I guarantee that this is a worthy cause you will not regret supporting.

Thank you in advance for any assistance, monetary or otherwise, you are able to provide. Feel free to ask me any questions you may have about the program or World Vets. The animals of Central America greatly appreciate your generosity!

  • Granada, Nicaragua