Vietnam Community Teaching Project

Lorenzo Wong Start Date: Mar 6, 2014 - End Date: Jul 3, 2014
  • Ho Chi Minh City

My Travel Story

by: Lorenzo Wong Start Date: Mar 6, 2014 - End Date: Jul 3, 2014
Hi there,

This summer, I shall be spending three weeks in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, taking part in a community teaching project with Frontier.

Established in 1989, Frontier is a non-profit conservation & development NGO dedicated to safeguarding biodiversity & building sustainable livelihoods in the world's poorest communities & countries.

In August, I will be teaming up with Frontier to take part in their project of helping to fulfil the educational development objectives of a local NGO in order to improve the lives of orphaned children in Ho Chi Minh City.

I will be volunteering Monday to Friday each week in a Vietnamese school, primarily teaching English to the students. I will also be involved in light construction & renovation work, as well as the production of handicrafts to be sold in local markets. Frontier will also provide with me with an opportunity to design an extracurricular activity for the students.

The project will be a meaningful experience for me because, without sounding too emotional or cliched, we take our quality of education for granted in this country. A community's quality of education is important in determining its standard of living and level of prosperity. Charities across the world make huge differences in providing financial and material aid to struggling communities, but often these communities are not taught self-sustainability in the process. Improving education in Vietnam will hopefully equip the youngest generation with the skills needed to thrive as a community and to tackle widespread poverty in the future. Teaching, therefore, can be hugely beneficial in the long-term, and being a part of that will mean a lot because, put simply, it's nice to try and make a difference. (Apologies for the cliche).

I guess all there is left to say is thank you for taking time out to have a browse through the details of my project, and I would be eternally grateful if you could support it in any way (i.e. Give me all of your money....please.....pretty please?).

In all seriousness, even a brief & simple message of support would be much appreciated (I just want some love & affection), or even just putting up with me spamming your Facebook wall for the next few months.

Thanks again,

  • Ho Chi Minh City