Volunteer Teaching in Romantic ITALIA

Rosanna Islas Start Date: Oct 11, 2013 - End Date: Jan 21, 2014
  • Educational/Research Trip
  • TEFL/Teach Abroad
  • Professional Development
  • Multiple Cities, Italy

My Travel Story

by: Rosanna Islas Start Date: Oct 11, 2013 - End Date: Jan 21, 2014
  • Educational/Research Trip
  • TEFL/Teach Abroad
  • Professional Development


I am seeking your assistance for a very special project that will change my life forever!

The project is a volunteer teaching assignment in the beautiful region of Piedmont, Italy through CCI's Greenheart Travel, a non-profit organization.  As a volunteer teacher, I will have the pleasure to experience all things Italian when I will live with a host family, and teach English at a local high school  This is a true cultural exchange in this unique language teaching opportunity.

This is a chance of a lifetime as it will mean giving back to the world, as well as growing professionally and personally while promoting cultural exchange.  I have worked with many international students from all over the world, and it is NOW my time to give back to them in a unique and unforgetable way.

Please support me in raising the money to do this life project.  Any little bit helps, and I will be forever grateful as I embark on this life-changing experience.  I also plan to soul search and fully immerse myself in Italian culture where I am sure I will make life-long friends and have memories that will be forever engraved in my spirit, heart and mind. 

  • Multiple Cities, Italy


  • 50 Days Until I Leave!

    To say the very least, I am not ready AT ALL to leave.  50 days is not much time.  This also makes me realize I have 50 days left to heavily begin fundraising. 

    I hate to make excuses, but my job has seriously been taking up much of my time!  I am making it a point to begin working on my personal goals before I depart, in order to have some ROSANNA time and process this huge change that will be happening to me!

    With that being said, I will begin to be active in fundraising for my campaign as well.  :)


  • Moving...towards Italy

    Hi everyone!

    I've been inactive for a bit because I recently just moved out of my apartment in order to begin saving more money for this trip.  I had the initial stressors of moving as I'm sure many of you know how that can be.  Packing, changing addresses, canceling services, etc.  at one point as I was packing my belongings to place into storage, I had a thought, "wow, this is the first step...Rosanna, what are you doing??!!".  Of course the initial fear-based thought scared me, but then I had this warm feeling come over me and soothe me that said "you are doing the right thing.  Go follow your heart...this is a dream!".  Even in the midst of all the turmoil around me, I can be taken back to Italy...

    I am OK and slowly preparing for my journey.  I have high hopes of reaching my fundraising goal.  I'm going to need all of your help! I will post more updates now that the dust has settled, sort of :) much love to you all!