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David Löfman Start Date: Jul 11, 2015 - End Date: Oct 18, 2015

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by: David Löfman Start Date: Jul 11, 2015 - End Date: Oct 18, 2015

I believe that every child, regardless of where you are born, deserves love and possibilites in life. After the earthquakes in Nepal, the country is in need of love and sustainable education. I will be volunteering from 22/10-29/12.

The first 4 days will consist of 36~ hours of trekking to reach the village where I will stay. It takes 2 hours to trek to school from the village and 2 hours back. My mission is to be an English teacher for children in extreme poverty. With good knowledge in English, the children will have more possibilities in the future. With love and care, they will have brighter moments in life and great memories from their childhood.

I am working at my hardest to save every coin to be able to afford this adventure. The project itself is 3,000 USD (excluding flights, equipment, vaccination, insurance) and I need YOUR help. The donations from this page (95%) goes STRAIGHT to my funding for the project. The remaining 5% goes to "www.fundmytravel.com"

By donating, you will be with me in Nepal.

If you can’t spare money for donations, please share this.
If you can donate, it would be incredibly appreciated.
Every dime counts!

There is a link to a video I made from my first time volunteering. It's from a township in Cape Town, South Africa. I was there 3,5 months last year.

I can’t thank you enough for donating, sharing or caring.

Join this event for support: https://www.facebook.com/events/1138309726184364/

(SWEDISH ONLY) Uppge "Nepal" vid köp på denna sida så skänks 15% till mitt volontärprojekt i Nepal! Www.myaloevera.se/tiptop

With love,
David Löfman


  • Update Number One

    33% of the 3000 dollar goal is complete! (14% through the page and 19% Swedish transfers)
    HUGE thanks to my amazing friends, colleagues and family! 

    How you can help:

    1) Donate through this page (95% goes straight to the project)

    or use Swish *Swedish banks only* (100% goes straight to the project) to 070-456 42 41. Small amounts turn into big ones!

    2) Share the page with as many as you can. Tell your parents, wife, aunt, grandfather, anyone.

    3) ANY IDEA/feedback. Send me a private message! Thanks to an idea from my buddy Max the other day, I saved 110 dollars that now goes to the children of Nepal. 

    4) Give me a hug or a clap on the shoulder. Fundraising is hard and I am spending LOADS of time working, figuring stuff out, emailing companies, magazines and organisations. The mission in Nepal will be challenging and I am in training already for the amount of walking. 

    I can’t thank anyone enough.
    67% left to go.