Paddling across Lake Titicaca

Cecilia Bissoli Start Date: Oct 3, 2016 - End Date: Oct 17, 2016

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by: Cecilia Bissoli Start Date: Oct 3, 2016 - End Date: Oct 17, 2016
Hello, my name is Matt Andrews. I’m a stand-up paddling hobbyist who enjoys long-distance paddling on Lake Michigan near my home in Chicago or any place I visit with access to flat water. I find SUP to be a great way to commune with the open water environment, soak in great views of the waterfront, and stay fit.

I also have a passion for unique and challenging travel adventures. I, along with family and friends who were my "crew", have traveled all over the world to fulfill this passion. I strongly believe that it is the memories you make along your journey that really matter.Combining these interests, I’ve decided to travel to South America in mid-October and attempt to paddle across Lake Titicaca, going from Patapatani, Bolivia to Puno, Peru. This route involves paddling approximately 120 miles over four days on what is often called the highest navigable lake in the world at just over 12,500 feet elevation.

I’m extremely grateful that I’ll be joined by my girlfriend, her dad, and my mom and stepdad, who plan to follow me in a motorized boat and provide critical support during the paddle.

I’m attempting this crossing of Lake Titicaca for two reasons. The main reason is to have an adventure and make wonderful memories with four loved ones who mean the world to me. To share this amazing experience with them, especially in such a beautiful, culturally significant part of South America, is something I’m sure none of us will ever forget.

The second reason is simply the challenge of it. Crossing Lake Titicaca by paddleboard is going to be immensely difficult given the distance, variable water conditions, weather, and altitude. If I’m fortunate to complete the entire journey, the sense of satisfaction will be well worth the immense effort, especially knowing I’d be one of the first to ever accomplish this feat.

We will be documenting this adventure along the way with pictures, videos and maybe interviews with the participants and any new friends in Bolivia and Peru. It will mean so much to me to share this experience with everyone and make you a part of it!

I’m hoping to raise funds to help cover what is likely going to be my largest expense, the hiring of two support boats, one for the Bolivian side of the lake, and another for the Peruvian side. Anything that can be offered would be very much appreciated, allowing my family to be a part of this memorable adventure. Thank you!


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    Lake Titicaca
    Typical boats at Lake Titicaca.