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Salka Wollesen Breum Start Date: Sep 5, 2018 - End Date: Oct 28, 2018
  • Querétaro, Qro., Mexico

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by: Salka Wollesen Breum Start Date: Sep 5, 2018 - End Date: Oct 28, 2018
We are doing a project of sexual education in the South West of Colombia. It has been going for a little more than a year and a half and counting. We work basic topics like anatomy, sexual myths, birth control, STIs, sexual rights etc. and we have managed to do 141 workshops and attend more than 3200 students from the lower social-economic areas in Cali an Popayán mainly. 
To keep developing the project, we want to go to the Gender and Sexual conference (AMSSAC) in Querétaro, Mexico, for inspiration, networking and new knowledge. It is a three day conference with focus on different branched within sexuality, one of them being sexual education. This would be a great way for us to continue developing the project in Colombia and give back to the local community fresh knowledge and inspiration that this conference would offer us.
We have food and accomodation covered since Nori's family lives in Querétaro, so what we need help to cover are the transportation expenses.
We very much appreciate your help so we can keep working to improve sexual education in the public schools in Colombia.
Nori and Salka
Mi Cuerpo/Min Krop
  • Querétaro, Qro., Mexico


  • We Did It!!

    We did it!!
    We are so happy and very thankful for all the support we have received the last couple of weeks.. We did it, we reached the goal!! Thank you so very much to all the doners and people who helped share and spread the word! Without you this would have never been possible !!

    There is a month to the first conference, and we are super excited. We will post and keep you updated on our adventures at the sexuality and gender conference :D Stay tuned!
  • Yaaaay - We Are Getting Ready To Go

    Yaaaay - We are getting ready to go
    We bought plane tickets and signed up for the conference !!
    We are almost there. Only 14 % left of the budget to cover. Therefore we decided to go ahead and buy tickets. We can't wait to go !!

    Thanks to all our donors, you are making a dream come true!
    Help us the last bit of the way, share with your network, maybe someone you know would like to support this trip :D