Mission Trip Volunteering in Jamaica

Sharon Kerr Start Date: Aug 31, 2017 - End Date: Dec 28, 2017
  • Montego Bay, St. James Parish, Jamaica

My Travel Story

by: Sharon Kerr Start Date: Aug 31, 2017 - End Date: Dec 28, 2017
I my name is Sharon M Kerr, my journey started in 2013 when I went to Jamaica by faith to find my purpose. Well my purpose end up at the Robin's Nest Children Home in Montego Bay, Jamaica. My time was spends creating a garden for the home to provide vegetable produces for the home to lower market cost.

After one year in Jamaica my passion to make a difference  grew so I became Commitment to O.U.T  R.E.A.C.H  by Offering Unselfish Time from our daily live, to share the fruit of the spirit of love, kindness in the future of a Child.
Renovating orphanage children home in rural areas throughout the Caribbean, beautifying and rebuilding as needed.
Educating and Empowering   the future of the   young adults to be self-reliant, establishing goals with a burning desire as they age out of the children homes.
Assisting Children Homes one at a time.

Imagine an island where thousands flock to take beautiful excursions and create lasting memories, all the while, thousands of children are reported abused not too far from travelers’ luxury experience.

The travel industry sustains Jamaica’s economy but hidden in the hills and homes of the beauty lies an ugly truth — neglected children and disabled children longing to be loved. . . in fact over 8,000 were reported abused in an eight month period. (Jamaica Observer, December 3, 2013)

Imagine feeding, changing, clothing and cleaning children every day at the variety of children's homes in Jamaica. Supplies diminish quickly and your help will greatly appreciate to help keep the shelves stocked. The Children's Homes in Jamaica relies heavily on donations - not just monetary but material items as well. I am encouraging friends and family to pack an extra suitcase, bags and barrels with supplies for me to carry to Jamaica.

While some items are difficult to find in Jamaica, others are simply more expensive than prices outside the country.

Your support will be greatly appreciated with  funding my trip to make this possible in supplying the needs of the Robin's Nest Children's Home and the West Haven Children's Home for the Disabled.
Thanks for giving from your heart!
  • Montego Bay, St. James Parish, Jamaica


  • Why Is Traveling Abroad Important?

    Why Is Traveling Abroad Important?
    Thanks for everything, but join me on my journey
    Why is traveling abroad important?

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    Thanks a million, Helping People. Restoring Lives



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