Yes, You can Help Me make Albania a Better Place

Christian Raehm Start Date: Oct 26, 2019 - End Date: May 1, 2020

My Travel Story

by: Christian Raehm Start Date: Oct 26, 2019 - End Date: May 1, 2020
After 10 rewarding years working in the Corporate world, I've decided to have a career break and engage into Volunteering for 3 months in Albania to make a real impact on the field and to help this beautiful country develop.

I'm delighted to have been accepted in the "Community Development" program offered by the organisation Love Volunteers in partnership with the local NGO Experiment-Albania. I'll be taking care of poor street children and children that are at risk of exploitation. I'll be teaching them English, organising social activities for them, teaching them Life skills, giving them all the attention, the hope and the love that they need and deserve.

I'm also hoping to collaborate closely with the Delegation of the European Union in Albania on various projects related to the environment, the youth, guiding students with their professional goals.
I always wanted to engage into Volunteering but never had the courage or the guts to go for it. But now, I believe that it is time to take action and help the ones that really need help.
All donations will help me fund my Volunteering Program and travel costs and also go towards the activities that I will organise locally for the children in need (buying school furnitures, clothing, toothbrushes, food, books, sports items etc...).

Even if it's only a couple of Euros, you will make a big difference and I want to thank you in advance for your precious gesture.


Après 10 années enrichissantes dans le monde de l'entreprise, j'ai décidé de faire une pause dans ma carrière professionnelle et de faire du bénévolat en Albanie pendant 3 mois pour avoir un impact réel sur le terrain et aider ce beau pays à se développer.

Je suis ravi d'avoir été accepté dans le programme "Développement communautaire" proposé par l'organisation Love Volunteers en partenariat avec l'ONG locale Experiment-Albania. Je m'occuperai des enfants pauvres de la rue et des enfants exposés au risque d'exploitation. Je vais leur enseigner l'anglais, organiser des activités sociales pour eux, leur enseigner les aptitudes à la vie courante, leur accorder toute l'attention, l'espoir et l'amour dont ils ont besoin et qu'ils méritent.

Je collaborerai également étroitement avec la Délégation de l'Union Européenne en Albanie sur divers projets liés à l'environnement, à la jeunesse, en guidant les étudiants dans leurs objectifs professionnels.

J'ai toujours voulu faire du bénévolat mais je n'ai jamais eu le courage de le faire. Mais maintenant, je pense qu'il est temps d'agir et d'aider ceux qui en ont vraiment besoin.

Tous les dons me permettront de financer mon programme de bénévolat et mes frais de voyage, ainsi que les activités que je vais organiser localement pour les enfants dans le besoin (achat de fournitures scolaire, vêtements, brosses à dents, nourriture, livres, articles de sport, etc.).

Même si ce n'est que quelques euros, vous ferez une grande différence et je tiens à vous remercier d'avance pour votre précieux geste.



  • Sponsoring Food Deliveries

    Sponsoring food deliveries
    3 weeks ago Albania reported their first Coronavirus case and within a couple of days the government decided to close all institutions including the Youth Centre where I volunteer. I decided to stay in Albania as I felt like I was not done yet with my mission. Feeling helpless, last week I decided to sponsor 600 euros from my donations for food shopping and deliver it to 30 families in the community where I volunteer, respecting all the safety rules. This is best thing I've ever done in my life! Currently organising a 2nd round of food delivery for more families this week
  • We Did It !!!

    We Did It !!!
    So Happy to announce that today we have achieved and exceeded my Goal! Super well done to everyone who has donated so far, I'm so grateful and overwhelmed with Joy and Pride! I can't thank you enough. Given the success of my Fundraising, Fundmytravel has kindly offered to extend the deadline of 10 days, until the 2nd of February!!!