Football Coach in Nairobi

Tomáš Jacečko Start Date: Sep 18, 2020 - End Date: Dec 23, 2020
  • Educational/Research Trip
  • Volunteer Trip
  • Cultural Exchange
  • Nairobi, Kenya

My Travel Story

by: Tomáš Jacečko Start Date: Sep 18, 2020 - End Date: Dec 23, 2020
  • Educational/Research Trip
  • Volunteer Trip
  • Cultural Exchange
Let me tell you a story.

6y old guy wanted to kick out boredom & PC games and thats why he started to play a football. He just fell in love in this beautiful game, he lives football, he talks football, he went to sleep with football.

Later when he turned 19, struggled with adult football - lost his passion, so he decided to become a referee... but there is nothing wrong with it. It is even better path, because he found a love with football again. He also wanted to see bigger perspective, so he completed UEFA Grassroots C licence as a coach. All 3 areas he explored, makes him more openminded, talkative and experienced.

"One of the most meaningful thing in life is to share your experience, enthusiasm and creativity with others."

He realised, he lives in the world of polarization, where the racism and homophobia still persist. In the world where is big demand for volunteers in every part of the world and every area of need.

23 years later since he started to play footbal, this time he decided to kick out racism through volunteering in Kenya and SHARE, and GIVE, not TAKE.

My name is Tomas and i am 29y. Coincidence?...nah i do not think so :)
- - -
*I am going to give a joy to the future footballers and help local coaches to traing youth players
*I did bachelor thesis about Tourism in Kenya and diploma thesis about Geography of football - so i just want to use my knowledge from University and lifelong learning in order to share it to the locals.
...if you get here, you sems like person who really wants to help me with my goal, so therefore please NOTE one important thing. All money i fundraise, are going to be used to cover expenses related to help local youth.
  • Nairobi, Kenya


  • We Are Making A Progress = 8 Guys Have Their New Shoes!

    We are making a progress = 8 guys have their new shoes!
    Thanks you guys!

    Besides of 12 balls, whistles, pumps, GK gloves, we covered one of the most important = football boots from this fundraising.
  • I Am Ready! The Luggage Is Full.

    I Am Ready! The Luggage Is Full.
    I am happy to announce that thanks to many of you, i managed to use my luggage capacity with football(soccer) equipment, which will serve in local community.

    Without any questions, you have also materially contributed and made an impact for those who need it the most.

Adventure Registry

  • Set(15) of old football kits

    FK Ondava Tisinec and MSK Tesla Stropkov
    • Granted
  • 10x bibs, 40x cones

    FK Kozmos
    • Granted
  • Soccer Boots - 30pairs x 20eur

  • Goalkeeper gloves 2+ pairs

    • Granted
  • Adult Football balls 20x

  • Ball pump 2x

    Iliana Medvidova and fundraising
    • Granted