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Saidazam Saidov Start Date: Jan 7, 2018 - End Date: May 6, 2018
  • Graz, Австрия

My Travel Story

by: Saidazam Saidov Start Date: Jan 7, 2018 - End Date: May 6, 2018
I believe that you want to be a part of a useful experience.
I will try to explain to you how my research-trip is important for me and how big prospects it has.

1. About me
Hi, and thank you four your attention! My name is Said, I am a student of the Pharmaceutical Institute in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. I was born here, in Tashkent, in 1998 and still living here.
I have two jobs: first, at the clinical laboratory of our institute, as a volunteer, I have a great practice there; second: in the medical-diagnostical primary company (BIO-RITM Medical Service, Tashkent).

1.2. About my financial sources
My scholarship payment in the institute (for 95%-100% academic achievement) is 517.500 UZS (Soms) which is approximately equal to 64 US Dollars.
My monthly salary in the half-time job in the primary medical center is 505.000 (appr. 62 USD).

1.3. What am I doing now?
My professional goal in near future – to improve our (Uzbekistan's) Medicine and Healthcare, which are, unfortunately, very weak.
At this time, I conduct research on the effects of drugs with Vitamin B9 and B12, which are very important in pregnancy. A lack of Vitamin B9 in the mother's body is associated with placental abruption, pre-eclampsia, spontaneous abortion, stillbirth, premature birth, a low birth weight of the baby and such serious congenital malformations of the brain and the spine, as neural tube defects.
We found, that the level of Vitamin B9 in the blood is reduced to 30% in people that have been exposed to doses of ultraviolet light. In countries with a sunny climate, such as Uzbekistan, there is enough sunlight, containing ultraviolet lights, to destruct folates.
Taking medications with Folic Acid (synthetic form of Vitamin B9) substance in pregnancy planning period cannot give enough Vitamin resources because of a long metabolism duration. We proved, by numbers of research, that the Vitamin B9 status can be restored by using a substance containing natural folate molecule - Ca-L5-MTHF.

2. About my trip.

2.1. What am I going to do?
I am going to take place in ISC 2018 (International Student Congress) in Graz, Austria. I will make an 8-minute presentation of the thesis. The text already has been received by the administration of сonference. In the thesis, I outlined all the problems and the ways of their innovative solution.
I am sure, that we will have a very productive discussion with a professional scientist in different fields of medicine

2.1.1. About ISC 2018 Graz
Here is the shortly topic from the conference's website:
This year's ISC will take place from 31st of May, 2018 until 2nd of June 2018.
As this year's topic is CONNECTING HEALTH SCIENCES, we try to bring together young motivated students, scientists and academics from all different fields. We want to connect the different groups as early as possible to exchange views, create a network and get to know the way of thinking and working.
At the congress, there will be a precourse day (31st of May) and the following two congress days (01st and 2nd of June) with abstract, poster presentations, workshops and keynote lectures. Every night there will be the social program like a reception at mayor's hall. During breaks and Lunchtime, there will be drinks and food available.

2.2. Why Austria?
ISC 2018 Graz attracted me a lot! There are different Social Programmes. Couple of them is Sightseeing tour - the city of Graz; Pubquiz @ Feierlaune.
Also, there will be a lot of people representing different cultures. It will be meaningful for me to have such an exchange. Our Uzbek culture, language and traditions are ancient and interesting. It is great to share them!
Moreover, hotels in Graz are very cheap and they have good reviews.

3. Conclusion.

The participation in this IS Congress: will be the first tangible step in a start of my scientific career; and it will realize the huge prospects of this scientific work.

I am sure, that your kindness will be never forgotten by those for whom our work will be useful.

I thank you one more time for attention.
Yours faithfully, Saidazam Saidov
  • Graz, Австрия