THANKS! or AČIŪ in Lithuanian (Study Abroad)

Beatriz Araujo Start Date: Oct 11, 2016 - End Date: Jan 8, 2017
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My Travel Story

by: Beatriz Araujo Start Date: Oct 11, 2016 - End Date: Jan 8, 2017

I was the girl that teachers stopped at my name and asked me how to pronounce it. The girl with the funny looking foods at snack time. The girl with the parents who spoke funny. And surely enough I gravitated towards others who were also like me. In doing so my horizons as a young child were expanded. Living in a city that was a melting pot of cultures aided in my education in cultures. Through friendships formed, I started experiencing what we like to call CULTURE. These relationships I like to say is what sparked my interest for cultures, and also their food! Working with people who look a little bit different than me, and emerging myself in their cultures is a dream of mine.
After my desire for cultures was sparked, my desire to learn new languages followed. At home I spoke Portuguese and at school I spoke English. Already being a bilingual child, I believe I had a head start therefore, learning a new language became easy. I began studying Italian in second grade and persisted until my junior year of high school. I became passionate for the language. I desire to make more use of it and possibly Intern in Italy. Also the Spanish language while never studied in a class setting being emerged in their culture I can speak some Spanish too. Not fluently though because Yes, I might sound funny, and make mistakes, but the importance is that I can still communicate. I look foward to continue emerging myself in new languages.

My passion for culture, languages, and the business field combined Led me to a The business major focusing on an International concentration. I believe that cultural fluidity is lacking in a business world. In educating myself internationally I look foward to be an asset not to the business I will work for, but to the countries I will be interacting with. However to make all this possible was going to be difficult. Last year I was somewhat disappointed at the fact that financial aid was not helping my desire to study abroad. Being a financially independent student I knew that achieving study abroad would only be made possible by the hands of God. Abroad I wont be able to work the regular full time week as well as be a student. After attending several info sessions on how to make this possible I was inspired and made the Jump. 
Here we are now. 
-I am accepted To LCC school of business
-I am still financially independent
-I am currently still working to raise money myself but It won't Be enough 
-I am asking for your help!
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  • Vilinius Old Town

    Vilinius Old Town


    Most of the tourists coming to Lithuania, first visit our country's capital city, Vilnius, and for a good reason. Vilnius is recognised by UNESCO as one of the most beautiful cities of the Old Continent with the largest Baroque old town in Eastern and Central Europe. The Old Town surrounded by excellent landscape blends in harmony the heritage of the past and present achievements, science and culture. Vilnius is the centre of our country's spiritual, cultural, religious and political life.