Internship at a boarding school in Tanzania.

Dorte Knudsen Start Date: Jul 9, 2018 - End Date: Nov 8, 2018
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by: Dorte Knudsen Start Date: Jul 9, 2018 - End Date: Nov 8, 2018
I'm studying to become a psychomotor theapist in Denmark. 
As a psychomotor therapist, one works from a holistic perspective where the human body and mind is seen as one, interacting equally. Psychomotor therapists work in a wide range of health and illness areas - including prevention and alleviation of physical and mental illness, ergonomics and work environment, physical training and maintenance.

I am currently preparing for the 4th semester of my Bachelor's degree program, which includes an internship. In this regard, I wish to take my internship at the Scandinavian Boarding School in Zanzibar. The school is a Tanzanian-Scandinavian school, which has the spirit of the Danish boarding school 100%. My chance of gaining experience abroad, while working together with Danes fits my future dreams perfectly.
During my internship at the school I get the opportunity to test my skills and knowledge through interdisciplinary collaboration. This allows me to use my theoretical knowledge in different contexts while seeking new innovative knowledge that can benefit me as a therapist. The international stay will allow me to achieve a different perspective but also to gain an insight into how theory works in practice.
Because i'm staying at the school with the other students and teachers, I get the opportunity to test different treatment methods but the time will be a bit more intens than what I would be able to do during a internship in Denmark because I'm going to stay at the school. Another gain from taking the internship at Zanzibar High School is the opportunity for self-employment, which is about to go on its own. I am therefore forced to take responsibility for my scary decisions and dare to trust and act that it is the right thing I do. The internship will thus help to develop my skills and development, as a psychomotor therapist, a development that I consider to be very beneficial for my future future as self-employed.
My plan with the education and the future is that I want to be an independent psychomotor therapist, so it is important for me that during my time as a student I take responsibility for my own learning, which has helped to reinforce my wish for a internship abroad .

For my dream to be fulfilled, I need support for the economic part of my stay, and hereby apply for financial support. A practical stay abroad will be a healthy contribution to me on a personal level, but it will also provide a basis for an international network, which can only be an advantage when I am a qualified therapist.
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