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Kelley Lusk Start Date: Feb 22, 2018 - End Date: Nov 21, 2018
  • Athens, Greece

My Travel Story

by: Kelley Lusk Start Date: Feb 22, 2018 - End Date: Nov 21, 2018
Thank you for visiting my Campaign Profile! Your support is much appreciated!

My name is Kelley Lusk and I am earning a Baccalaureate of Arts degree in English with a minor in Music at Southern Oregon University. I am very excited for this life changing opportunity to studying abroad in Greece Fall 2018!!

I'm committed to this exciting opportunity to live in a new country, experience a new culture and diversify my educational experience. Join me on this adventure of a lifetime! I promise to update you, share pictures and post regularly. By supporting me you will be making a transformative impact in my life and education! 

Exposure to a new culture will allow me to gain a more sophisticated worldview and diversify my values. As a result, it will be easier to form connections and work to tackle global injustices and challenges. This is something I hope to address in the future. After graduate school I plan to teach abroad and work towards social justice, specifically regarding neocolonialism. This program will allow for a full immersion into a different cultural experience. This will also help better equip me with what is like to spend a long amount of time in a different cultural atmosphere. I will be able to learn how to interact as a foreigner in a way that is inclusive of the native population and fellow international students, ultimately becoming more culturally active and aware. Cultivating an awareness of the native cultures, anywhere I am located, is important and necessary in order to be respectful and educated in the career path I plan to pursue. The English literature courses offered through this program will allow me to have a different perspective than I would at my home university and also keep me on track for my English undergraduate degree. Personally, I hope to develop self-confidence and self-reliance as I learn to navigate and live in a different culture. I hope to dismantle my personal fears and gain independence and freedom from those obstacles that hold me back. I plan to
take every opportunity to cultivate my individual open mindedness and to engage in every learning experience in order to develop the ability to ask questions in place of judgments. I hope to be an example of tolerance and understanding.

My goal is to raise $7,000. I will be using financial aid, loans, applying for scholarships and working to pay off additional costs. I will also be working on different fundrasing strategies soon and I will keep you posted!

Cost Breakdown:
Housing - $5,000
Food - $1,500
Visa - $200
School Books - $300
  • Athens, Greece