Ms. Lauren goes to Washington

Matthew Brinsfield Start Date: Nov 14, 2016 - End Date: Jan 15, 2017
  • Washington, DC, United States

My Travel Story

by: Matthew Brinsfield Start Date: Nov 14, 2016 - End Date: Jan 15, 2017
My school is planning a trip to Washington DC May 2017. Along with teachers, chaperones and fellow students, I will have an opportunity to learn more about our nation's capital and visit some of it's most popular attractions but not limited to the likes of Arlington Cemetery, the Presidential Memorials, Capitol Hill, the National Archives and the war memorials for WWII, Vietnam, and Korea. This will be a great educational experience for all of us.

This funding page is just one of the ways I am raising money for my trip. I also am offering products and services, such as food jars, leaf raking, babysitting and a variety of other projects and events to take place in the future. Please feel free to donate directly to this page or click on the links so you can find out how to get involved in other ways.

My goal is to raise $1600.00 in total even though I am only putting a goal of $400.00 on this site. I would like to thank everyone that has contributed so far to my campaign, as the first round of jar sales was a great start. Once again thank you to those who have already contributed and to those that will do so in the future.
  • Washington, DC, United States