Cat's Kiwi Adventure

Cat Neville Start Date: Mar 22, 2018 - End Date: Jul 19, 2018
  • Cultural Exchange
  • Educational/Research Trip
  • Study/Degree Abroad
  • Dunedin, New Zealand
  • Sabah, Malaysia

My Travel Story

by: Cat Neville Start Date: Mar 22, 2018 - End Date: Jul 19, 2018
  • Cultural Exchange
  • Educational/Research Trip
  • Study/Degree Abroad
You can help me...
1. Further enrich my education by taking classes not offered at Juniata College. I plan to complete some upper level biology course requirements as well as general education electives that are only offered at the University of Otago.
2. Continue my conservation efforts by volunteering with local organizations. Being in New Zealand would allow me to be able to explore an ecologically diverse and isolated region of the world, where I could hopefully see the world’s rarest penguins, glow-worms, and Royal Albatrosses. These opportunities are unique to New Zealand and will help to expand my qualifications as a biologist and conservationist.
3. Enhance my skills and abilities as a teacher by learning about a different educational systems and theories while studying abroad.  I am excited to experience different teaching methods and see how other countries view education. I am especially interested in how they have integrated Maori culture into the educational system.
4. Engage with the locals and become more appreciative of diversity. I hope to be able to learn conversational Maori and will live with a Kiwi student when I study at the University of Otago. As a future teacher, I know that inclusivity and cultural competence is key to a successful classroom and the education of each child. I hope that my time as a visitor in a new country will help me to better understand my students with different ability levels, but also students from diverse backgrounds. It was also allow me to make connections with students who do not have a similar background to me and learn more about everyday life in Dunedin.
  • Dunedin, New Zealand
  • Sabah, Malaysia


  • G'Day Mate!

    G'Day Mate!
    I am finally making some progress in this very complicated and intense travel process!

    Apply for NZ visa ✔
    Apply for Australia visa ✔
    Booked a hostel in Sydney ✔
    Bought plane tickets to Malaysia, Sydney, NZ, and back to Boston ✔
    Immunizations for NZ ✔
    Applied for a study abroad scholarship ✔

    To Do:
    Immunizations for Malaysia ☹
    Buy everything I need for the trip
    Ship my luggage
    Hear back about my visas
    Finalize my plans for my time in Sydney
    Figure out what to do for the first day in Malaysia

    29 Days until my great big adventure begins!
  • 21

    I turned 21 yesterday and today we are down to 6 weeks until take off! I cannot believe how crazy and amazing everything is right now!

    Thanks for all of your amazing support so far. Here’s a quick update on our end.

    I just got my travel insurance information!
    I have been in contact with my advisor to learn about classes and orientation. My goal right now is to take a biology class, a humanities class, and an art class.
    I am slowly wrapping up the semester- I have finished one course and will be done by the 12th!

    How can you help:
    Send me words of support and encouragement.
    Tell me about your travel experiences, study abroad experiences, or if you've been to NZ or Malaysia!
    Donate to my airfare and accommodation fees!

    If any questions come up along the way, please feel free to reach out to me.

    Thank you!