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Kelsey Erickson Start Date: Oct 24, 2016 - End Date: Mar 22, 2017
  • Bodø, Norway
  • Aix-en-Provence, France

My Travel Story

by: Kelsey Erickson Start Date: Oct 24, 2016 - End Date: Mar 22, 2017
Welcome to my campaign! Thanks for taking the time to join me, and potentially help me reach Aix-en-Provence. My name is Kelsey and I am studying business and French at CU Boulder. I was lucky enough to visit France three years ago, and it sparked a passion in me for the French culture and an interest in international business. I now have the opportunity to study abroad at IAU college in Aix this spring. A current goal of mine is to become a international business woman and I see this trip as a way to open doors for my career abroad. I expect this trip to not only enlighten me but also allow me to share this knowledge with my community, family and friends.
  • Bodø, Norway
  • Aix-en-Provence, France


  • Two Weeks Away

    Two Weeks Away
    Exciting news! I leave in two weeks! I have my french visa (it finally came in), my bags are packed and my documents are in. All that's left is finished finals! While I am hitting the books I would love your support of my trip! I hope to use funds to enjoy one more museum or explore one more city. Help me continue my journey!
    As always thank you for taking the time to check out my update!
    A quick picture and blurb for ya, here is a picture of my friend Charlene and I. Together (with others) we work to plan the Conference on World Affairs at CU. This photo is from a CWA dinner a few weeks ago!
  • Visa Application!

    Visa Application!
    I am pleased to say my visa process is out of my hands! On November 1st I traveled to Los Angeles in pursuit of my visa. This past month I have been compiling the many pages of paperwork and finally it is all in! I will receive notice in the coming weeks if I was successful! Fingers Crossed!

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