Exchange program in la citta eterna

Catalina Arancibia Start Date: Oct 30, 2016 - End Date: Jan 17, 2017
  • Rome, Roma, Itália

My Travel Story

by: Catalina Arancibia Start Date: Oct 30, 2016 - End Date: Jan 17, 2017
Hello everyone! Im Catalina, currently a Sociology student in Valparaiso-Chile.

As a student i believe there´s a certain spark for exploring new things and growing your knowledge, that´s why i decided on my fourth year to try and go for a exchange trip and study abroad and what better place than Rome, for me it has it all: a beautiful city and a great university that has the bilateral agreement with my own and a study plan that its excellent for my thesis of pregrade with a focus in gender and ethnic violence. That´s why i went for it, after all my university offered a scholarship to make the trip as well and sometimes you just got to jump for the opportunities.

Say and done they told me i had the answer Oct 28, so i waited for a week with a stomach full of knots and completely excited. The day came and i opened the mail as soon as i saw it...and i couldn't believe it i got the accepted!, but they told me too much people participated to have the scholarship and i wasn't chosen for it. Im not going to lie, i felt like the world was over and spent the whole day in bed, its sad to see that you have the qualification and is only the money whats stopping you. BUT i wholeheartedly believe this is possible, my parents can pay for the plane ticket and i already got the passport but i need money for the 5 months of the exchange, with the three priorities of room, transport and visa.

Thats why, aside from currently working a part time job i believe this crowdfunding would help me achieve this dream, even spare dollars are little steps to achieve this.

Thank you for reading this, if its not possible or you don't wish to donate it would be wonderful if you could share this, everything helps!. And if you do donate, ¿could i bother you a little more and share as well?.
  • Rome, Roma, Itália