Help Foster Healthy Lifestyles in Ecuadorian Children

Brianna Chick Start Date: Feb 13, 2018 - End Date: Jun 12, 2018

My Travel Story

by: Brianna Chick Start Date: Feb 13, 2018 - End Date: Jun 12, 2018
Quito, Ecuador is one of the most progressive cities in South America, and that's why this is the perfect place for me to further my education and experience as a Public and Nonprofit Administration major. I will come back to the states ahead of others in my program before I graduate, and being in such competitive work, this will make me stand out to possible employers. With my minor in Spanish, I will gain valuable experience in my language skills that sitting in a classroom simply cannot provide and will be important to bring back with me as the language is widely used and highly sought after.
I originally was drawn to my major because I feel there are too many people not represented, and I plan on using my degree to advocate for them. Applying my education to Ecuador, they have remarkable resources through the Nonprofit Organizations and I plan on joining them in combating unemployment or poverty in Quito personally with famlies, children, or minority groups in the city. These organizations are focused on women fleeing abusive relationships, a local orphanage for children, or community health and healthy lifestyles in general. The poverty rates in Ecuador are alarmingly high, so even if I can educate children and families on small lifestyle changes, it will be a huge accomplishment. In my major, my focus is on Community Health and I feel that cultivating better nutrition will benefit the entire family generationally. I plan on driving activity in new ways for children and in the case of women in shelters, I would commit to growing their confidence in themselves and their families. Through homestay, I will have strong cultural immersion that typical study abroads will not experience and with a family I will create lifelong connections. I am anticipating the challenges and adventure that are waiting for me in Ecuador! 


  • Internship Placement!

    Hey everyone, I just received my internship placement and it is through Ecuaexplora in Callos Valley (just outside of Quito) with the community in 3 local markets!
    This internship will include educating the locals on basic hygiene, teaching exercise classes, and setting up tents and giving better food options in the local markets. This program also focuses highly on the children because most drop out of school in the area (or don't go at all) to work for their families and make money, so it's my job to show them how important education is.
    I'm so excited!!
    Here is the link <3
  • 2 Months And 7 Days!

    Hey everyone!
    I leave in 2 months for QUITO! Just came home from spring break and my passport was waiting for me in the mail and I've been looking at plane tickets all day :)
    I want to also thank Charlotte (aka granny <3) for her lovely donations and I can't wait to send her postcards on my trip!
    I have to choose between a homestay and a international home and I'm not sure what I should choose so I'd love some feedback from those who visit my page.

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