Adventures in Argentina!

Haley Henderson Start Date: Nov 19, 2016 - End Date: Mar 18, 2017
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Mendoza Province, Argentina

My Travel Story

by: Haley Henderson Start Date: Nov 19, 2016 - End Date: Mar 18, 2017
Hello wonderful people,
Have you noticed all the internationals that have come to the U.S.? In the past month alone I have met a woman from Brazil downtown, a couple on honeymoon from Austria, a businessman from Spain at starbucks, and everywhere I go I see asians. The nations are coming to I have been accepted in a pool of internationals, as 1 in 45 people, to spend 2 months in Argentina (May 21st-July 22nd) through a Spanish and Counseling program! I am completely shocked but excited, at the little steppingstones that have brought me here. This is not a country I would choose to visit before other parts of the world, but I truly believe this is a piece of God's plan for my growth because of how I randomly heard about ECELA (my program) and the signs that keep popping up pointing me in this direction. (If you want to know the details, I would LOVE to share deeper!) I will dive deep into Argentine culture by living with a host family, learning 3 college semesters worth of Spanish through daily classes (with 7 people or less), shadowing Argentine social workers, volunteering with local organizations and participating in a community development project, counseling Spanish role-playing and vocabulary classes, plus guest lectures on the state of Argentine social services. Although the schedule is tight, we will have some time set aside for social and cultural activities, including: walking tours, music class, cooking class, and a trip to Iguazu Falls.

This is where you come in: I have large financial needs to be met within the next 4 months, and with that said, any gifts from $5-$500 are GREATLY appreciated, so please don't be shy!
HOW TO DONATE: checks, cash, mailed to (or in person or I can meet you):
Haley Henderson
2340 Camelia Ct. Savannah, GA 31404
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Mendoza Province, Argentina