Jenna's Adventure to Cusco, Peru: TEFL & Spanish Language

Jenna Goodall Start Date: Oct 8, 2021 - End Date: Feb 7, 2022
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My Travel Story

by: Jenna Goodall Start Date: Oct 8, 2021 - End Date: Feb 7, 2022
  • Cultural Exchange
  • Professional Development
  • TEFL/Teach Abroad
¡Hola amigos!
I am excited to announce to you that I have enrolled in a Teaching English as a Second Foreign Language (TEFL) Course  and a Spanish Language Immerson Program in Cusco, Peru! I will be traveling, learning, and growing in Peru for three weeks in November (yes, next month).

While the educational, cultural, and spiritual growth that I will experience is priceless, the travel and program expenses are not. Any donations, shares, or support is a blessing to me and I thank you for your love and kindness in advance.
The past five years have not been easy. My dad passed away unexpectedly,my love and I split up for reasons beyond our control, the COVID-19 pandemic, and work induced burn out in the corporate world. Through it all, I have found peace and gratitude through spiritual and personal growth through these life lessons. Nothing is truly bad if something good comes from it, right?

Recently, I have had to do a lot of thinking about what truly makes me happy and sparks joy when it comes to my career path. For as long as I can remember, I have always considered myself a student of the world. This drive is followed by an innate energy to share my gained knowledge with others in any way I can.

This takes us to right now. I have had an epiphany! My soul is telling me that I need to teach and continue to find myself in this big beautiful world.

I have joined 2 programs with Maximo Nivel, a leading organization in study abroad and educational travel in Latin America.

• Hybrid TEFL Certification Course (Online & On-Site)
o First half: 4 weeks of online courses
o Second half: 2 weeks on-site in Cusco, Peru

• Spanish Language Immersion Program
o Duration — 1 week
o 6 hours per day—4 hours in small group classes and 2 hours in private lessons

I start my online courses on Tuesday, October 12th. I leave for Peru on November 6th and will be there until November 27th. In the first two weeks I will be completing the TEFL Certification course, and the third week I will be taking the intense Spanish Language Immersion Program.
In between, I will be seeing all of the beautiful ancient sites that this magical, historic city has to offer, including Machu Picchu!

Your donations will help me towards paying my debt for the program, which includes travel, accommodation, and program fees.

I promise I will take photos and videos of my experiences to share with you!

*For every individual who donates $10 or more, I will be sending you a postcard from Cusco, Peru!


  • Cusco, Peru