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emily guiry Start Date: Feb 19, 2018 - End Date: Aug 18, 2018
  • Nairobi, Kenya

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by: emily guiry Start Date: Feb 19, 2018 - End Date: Aug 18, 2018
On the 21st of July I will be flying with 30 other volunteers and teachers from Chichester College to Jomo Kenyatta international airport to volunteer at a centre called the Walk Centre which was set up by Alex Mania. This centre gives a pre-primary education for children from the age of four, it also pays for them to then go on to a local primary school and provides them with a daily nutritious meal. I will be volunteering at the Walk Centre in a local school called Prisons Primary School, where there are 250 children aged between 3-10.  I will be helping teach them basic maths and English skills; cooking, building facilities and help run sporting activities and making sure that all the children are happy whilst enjoying an engaging learning environment. Also, I will be participating in many other volunteering projects over the week and will be up for any project I am given to help make a positive impact.

Kenya is somewhere I have always wanted to go from a very young age, this is partly because my dad grew up in Kenya and used to tell us incredible stories about living there and how different their culture and lives are to ours.  It has always made me want to do something positive and go and volunteer to help others who are less fortunate and lucky than I am. Therefore, when I heard about this trip through Chichester College I instantly knew that I wanted to go.  I can’t wait to help the children at the school in Kenya.  By volunteering at the school, I hope to make a difference and change their everyday life as well as building many amazing and unforgettable memories which I will never forget.

In total the trip costs £1995 which covers all my costs including transport and medical costs; I am aiming to fundraise the full amount by doing various fundraising events. I would be very grateful for your support in helping me fundraise by kindly making a donation via my Go fund my Travel page.

Thank you for your generous support
  • Nairobi, Kenya


  • Kenya

    I am finally off to Kenya, a big thank you to everyone who has donated towards my venture, I am extremely grateful!

    In total I have raised £1250
  • Fundraising Events

    On Tuesday my lovely neighbour and i did a cake sale at her work catering enough cupcakes for 100 people- we raised £101!!

    I have now raised just under £1000!!
    Thank you everyone for all your contributions,
    i am very grateful!!