2018 Study Abroad in South Korea Extravaganza!

Shana Reilly Start Date: Aug 2, 2017 - End Date: Sep 10, 2017
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My Travel Story

by: Shana Reilly Start Date: Aug 2, 2017 - End Date: Sep 10, 2017
  • Cultural Exchange
  • Educational/Research Trip
  • Study/Degree Abroad
It's time! For me! To finally go somewhere!!!!!! That's right, in the next year, I will be making my way to the beautiful country of South Korea. This is a BIG CHANGE in my life, even though it's not for a very long time! I mean, unless a whole semester is a long time. An entire five months. I believe so.
Having this kind of opportunity doesn't come straight to your door, and I want to make the most out of my experience!! Being me, and having a family like mine, it's very difficult to find the financial aid we need to get me out of America and straight into that Moist Korean Soil. I'm more than thankful that I even have the ability to make a campaign like this, and I'm excited to see how all this plays out. Hopefully, in 40 days, I'll have SOME amount that can at least cover SOME factors in my tuition. Wonder why I need so much money?? I'll give you all my tuition details.

For an extravagant $20,000, YOUR contribution will go toward
- Enrollment in a local Korean high school
- Airport transfers
- Domestic and international travel
- All pre-departure and post-arrival orientations
- Cost of school uniform
- School trips
- Books/transportation
- Visa fees

Every word in that list gets my excitement flowing! Flying! School! Transportation! Don't get me wrong, school is pretty bland here, yes, I've been through it for years and years, which is why SCHOOL? In a different COUNTRY?? Gets me ESPECIALLY EXCITED!!! Not only am I excited for the enhanced educational experience of a Korean high school, I also get to travel around the country (with the permission of my parents and program, of course) with friends that I make and my host family. There's nothing better than taking a soft walk down the crisp, loud environment of whatever city I'll be placed in. Maybe Seoul, maybe Busan. It's currently all a mystery.
What else gets excitement running through my body? The sight of cherry blossoms and the cool air on my face, of course! And the sweet spicy taste of rice cakes on my tongue as I waft away the bitter cold of the harsh Korean winter. Or not. Can you feel the excitement radiating through your screen right now? I'm putting in all my passion and excitement into this description. This is my #1 goal for my school career, I am IN NEED of having a HIGH SCHOOL exchange experience. College is another thing, when you're ripe and fresh out of high school.

How am I going to GIVE BACK to the community? And my beautiful DONORS who DONATE to this WONDERFUL CAMPAIGN? I don't have much to offer, but what I can guarantee is that, if you're interested, I will keep a HIGHLY UPDATED BLOG on my studies! And the things I do there! It'll be fun! To the people back at home, I expect to be able to participate in a presentation that's exclusive to teachers at my school. Perhaps my experience will encourage the school administrators to let me give students a two sense on education. I will make a comparison of American vs. Korean education and tell them all the things I had to go through, what amount of homework I had to do and teaching style I had to experience. My hope is that after my presentation, students will start to truly appreciate the ease of being in an American high school. Fun fact! Did you know that South Korea has a high suicide rate thanks to the stress caused by pressure to do good in school? I want to know firsthand what it's like, all while having fun and exploring my new environment and bonding with my host family and friends!
This trip is what I believe will be the most meaningful thing I experience in my childhood, and if you donate, I will award you +100 donut points! Seriously, any donation will be appreciated. Money is a doozy, and I want that to become the least of my problems else this wouldn't be a 2018 Study Abroad in South Korea Extravaganza!
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  • No Way!!!!

    Finally! After two days I've gotten my FIRST DONATION! Of $10! You see, if everyone in the world donated $10, that would not only send me to Korea but would also pay off SO MUCH COLLEGE TUITION!!! I hope to see more thankful donations soon!
  • 1 Day Has Passed!

    A whole day has passed! I'm glad to announce that exactly $0 has been raised for this campaign so far!! :-) I can't wait to only see the number rise from now on!!