School Trip to Costa Rica!

Lilith Joerns Start Date: Oct 11, 2016 - End Date: Nov 10, 2016
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My Travel Story

by: Lilith Joerns Start Date: Oct 11, 2016 - End Date: Nov 10, 2016
I'm a sophomore from Jefferson Area High School and 10 students were offered the opportunity to go on this class trip. This experience will really help me grow both educationally and personally. Costa Rica has a ton of different wildlife and biodiversity, and I would love to be able to see some of them. Also, I think being in that culture will help me learn more about Spanish. I'm from a very small , rural town and I think going on this trip will help my schoolmates and I realize the world is bigger than Ohio or The United States. I'm passionate about this project because I'm very interested in biology, specifically marine biology, and other cultures. My mother used to live in Costa Rica when she was 22 so I think it'd be cool to see that part of the world. Our school has 2 school trips every 2 years which is either England or Costa Rica, which is new this year. I think seing a new part of the world and a new culture would be eye-opening. Every dollar counts so thank you so much for donating and making my dream come true!
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  • Thank You!

    Thank you guys so much for donating! I really appreciate it. If you want to get the word out still, share it on your facebook or twitter!