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Ben Turnbull Start Date: Jun 21, 2016 - End Date: Mar 27, 2017

My Travel Story

by: Ben Turnbull Start Date: Jun 21, 2016 - End Date: Mar 27, 2017


Thank you for visiting my Volunteering Fundraising page.

I will soon be embarking on a challenging volunteer trip to the Volta region in Ghana to volunteer in community projects. The trip will really impact on my education and future career as it will give me the life skills and experiences needed for employment. I am passionate about volunteering because I already volunteer in organisations at home and I can't wait to take the skills I already have out to Ghana, this trip is very meaningful because it will open my mind to what really happens in other country's and how volunteers really do make a difference.

Student volunteers work three areas underfunded government schools, rural fishing villages and agricultural community areas. The group will volunteer with a non-governmental organisation (NGO), helping schools to develop through three key volunteer roles. These are a teaching assistant role working closely with the schools’ teaching staff, assist with construction work or lead sports coaching sessions. Any of these activities will make a difference to everyone in the Volta Region.

I am looking for your support in raising the funds to cover travel and accomodation which is organised and managed by African Adventures who have many years of experience taking school groups to Ghana to support volunteering activities.

So let's make a difference where it really counts.

Thank you.


  • African Adventures

    African Adventures
    Thanks to African Adventures for their support and advice on fundraising for the volunteering trip.