Julien's family's europe trip, connecting to our roots.

Julien Trocha Start Date: Nov 2, 2017 - End Date: Nov 16, 2017
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My Travel Story

by: Julien Trocha Start Date: Nov 2, 2017 - End Date: Nov 16, 2017
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Extra details-

Who am I?
*I am a 15yr old, will be 16 in 3 weeks.
*want to help my family experience pure joy and explore our roots with them
*I want to explore the French, Polish, and other cultures.
*I live in Colorado, am a US Citizen, and love my French side.
*Was born in France (About 40 min. west of Paris in a town next to La Seine)

General Reasoning we (siblings) have not been to France since 2007. Since my brother is graduating from highschool this year, this is our last chance to go as a family, well it will be a lot harder. We have family in Poland and France and we have not met or talked with them since forever. I want , and so does the rest of my family, to grow and "feed on our european side". This trip is not about visiting museums or famous locations, which we will probably do, but to explore the culture. We all speak english and French fluently, some better than others. My dad and aunt, who lives in France, speak Polish.

Who will benefit?
*My family- as I said earlier, we are there, at least hope to go to improve our lives and learn about the culture there.
*Me- I will get to improve my family's' lives, and will improve mine with them
*People we meet (family there, friends, etc.) They will meet us since we have not seen them in such a long time, and some we have never seen.

How will the funds be used
*Mainly for the cost of the flight ( under 700 USD per person)
*A rental car with 6 seats*A person to take care of our dogs
*Other fees.
*any leftover money will go to the trip itself

How soon will I need the funds?
*I would like to have them by NOV 5/6. If it is later I will have to show my parents and convince them into buying tickets. If we fulfill our quota, you can call it that I guess, by NOV 19/20 I will be able to convince them to buy themselves tickets.
What does the support mean to me?How grateful am I?
*Lets just say that if we/I don't go then it's like half of myself Dies (not literally), or like half a tree wilts away, and i'm the tree
*I'm not here to beg for cash, but to rather be wishing for donations.
*It will not only give me a trip of a lifetime, I will be able to see family, that is related to my dad's parents, who are dead.
*It will mean more to me to go with my family than going in 5 years or more years. That is because my brother will have already graduated.
*It is hard to explain this feeling, so pure and powerful, it is as if you did what you've wanted for over 10 years, but a lot more intense.

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