Help Cole Study Abroad in Italy This Summer!

Timothy Linam Start Date: Mar 12, 2024 - End Date: May 14, 2024
  • Arezzo, Italy

My Travel Story

by: Timothy Linam Start Date: Mar 12, 2024 - End Date: May 14, 2024
My name is Timothy (I go by Cole), and I am a Senior Electrical Engineering student at the University of Oklahoma (OU). I have been accepted to and plan on attending a 4-week summer engineering study abroad program in Arezzo, Italy. Students in this program will have the opportunity to take a course focused on professional development in industry as well as travel and experience everything Italy has to offer.

I have never had the opportunity to travel abroad, ride in a train, or fly in a plane, so this month-long trip would be an incredible experience for me. As a first-generation college student, attending university has been a gift alone; getting to make the most of my time in college by participating in this program would add to my experience as not only a college student but as a citizen of the world. It would allow me to gain credit toward my degree as well as a global experience that I cannot get in Oklahoma. Living in Italy for a month would teach me skills like communicating in another language, navigating travel hubs such as airports and train stations, and even cooking.

When I return to the United States, I plan on being an advocate for OU study abroad programs by participating in OU Cousins, which is a program that connects American students with students from around the world so they both can learn about each others’ cultures and spend time together. I also plan to advertise my specific program by being a representative that goes to OU classes and gives presentations, answers questions and guides people through the process. I have many international friends, and I love hearing about their cultures and life in their home countries. I want to experience life abroad for a while so I can expand my horizons and come back with a renewed mindset of life and the world around me. Thank you so much for helping, anything is greatly appreciated!

  • Arezzo, Italy