To jump every known bungee worldwide for Cancer Research

Liam Slattery Start Date: Mar 18, 2016 - End Date: Mar 17, 2017
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by: Liam Slattery Start Date: Mar 18, 2016 - End Date: Mar 17, 2017
Liam will break bungee jump records to support cancer research.

36 year old Liam Slattery, born in Bournemouth, United Kingdom is challenging the forces of nature, himself and the Guinness World Record of most bungee jumps around the world all in the name of cancer research.

Afraid of heights? Yes, he is! But Liam is also fully aware that if you want to take a leap forward in life you have to set your fears aside and just take the jump into the unknown. With this in mind, Liam was searching for a way to combine fun, fulfillment and an overall way to improve not only his own, but other people's lives as well.

Bungee Jump for attention
By attempting to break the record of most individual bungee jumps worldwide, Liam is actively seeking for attention to this attempt. With the first and foremost goal being collecting funds for cancer research.

Liam is doing anything he can to get all the attention this attempt needs. Not only will he ask for funds on this website, but the same press release will be sent to local newspapers and -outlets in countries with well known Bungee Jump locations.

With this attempt Liam is trying to gather as much as possible for the charity.

Bungee Jump to break records
With this attempt Liam is not only attempting to generously donate but he will also attempt to set the record for Most Individual Bungee Jumps Worldwide. Nobody has ever Bungee Jumped ALL known locations worldwide, so if Liam pulls this off he'll be the proud owner of a unique official record. Requests are currently being send out to the Guinness World Records Foundation and of course we will update this as soon as we receive more info from their end.

Bungee Jump to improve life
Apart from performing this attempt to focus on research and an official Guinness World Record, Liam is also actively seeking for a way to improve his quality of life. By forcing himself into things he wouldn't normally do -while the world is watching- Liam believes he can drastically improve his outlook on life and meet cool new people during this crazy, life-changing trip.

Are you willing to help cancer research, break world records and let Liam make the jump into the future all in one go? Then please support my attempt!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this.

Team Liam
  • Macau
  • Australia