Fund my Career - Internship in Shanghai for 3 months

Joshua Lewis Start Date: Feb 17, 2018 - End Date: Jun 16, 2018
  • Shanghai, China

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by: Joshua Lewis Start Date: Feb 17, 2018 - End Date: Jun 16, 2018
My goal is currently to fund my internship program that I have been accepted for by the InternGroup which do Global internships around the globe.

I've been accepted for a 3 month internship in Shanghai that includes a full social calendar of events, tours, shared accomodation and the chance to work in a global engineering company working 30-40 hours a week without pay but the experience and cultural & social aspects will be invaluable and will contribute to the graduation of my course in Australia.

I have chosen Shangahi as it is a financial hub of the world and there are multiple opportunities that exists for returning back to Shanghai to work If I am a worthy applicant or the experience will able me to secure a job back in Australia in pursuit of my career. Previously I applied for internships in London and New York which were unsuccessful as there are limited opportunities in London for Engineering and New York has already filled all their Intern placements.

I am currently studying a Masters of Professional Engineering (Mechanical) full-time at the University of Western Australia and I currently have a full-time job at a Fruit Orchard. I will have to quit my job once I start studying again this semester and I need to be able to pay off my program fee of 6170 USD by July 2018. I will also be paying living expenses whilst being away for 3 months and I will be working full-time whilst being away. So this is not a holiday or vacation but a working holiday that will jump start my career in engineering as I have not been able to secure an engineering position since completing my Bachelor Degree.

So this intern ship will contribute to the graduation of my course in 2019, invaluable work experience in another country with the chance to learn another language and the experience to work and travel in a foreign country with a rich cultural history. 

I am asking for donations that will support me in the way of living expenses such as food, language lessons for learning Mandarin and flights to Shanghai. So that is my goal and I am fully committed to this and if the work placement is not successful, I'll find an alternative internship that provides. I am still on the look out for scholarships as well that may fund this, so if you won't donate then advice would also help. A part-time or casual job will of course be sought after by me during this time of raising the money, so nevertheless in not trying to find an easy way out. 

I appreciate anyway in which you may help, and anyone that donates more than 200 dollars will be refunded back 100% once I have started working. That is a promise. 


Joshua Lewis

  • Shanghai, China