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Billie Maf Start Date: Jul 12, 2016 - End Date: Jul 11, 2017

My Travel Story

by: Billie Maf Start Date: Jul 12, 2016 - End Date: Jul 11, 2017

Thank you for being interested in donating to fund my travel. Please note that the amount set as my goal is not what I intend, but I would like to get as close to that amount as I can. Every penny counts for funding my travel.
Hello! I am student in junior high hoping to travel abroad in Japan. Japan has always been a life goal for me. I fell in love with the culture of Japan and I have been yearning to go there ever since. My plan for my future is to reside there and hopefully get a good career. Going to Japan will be the highlight of my life! I am currently studying Japanese so that if I ever do reach my goal, I will be able to communicate to others fluently. I even am planning to get a part-time job soon and enter contests in order to earn money. If I ever do go to Japan, I will make videos about my experience there, so other people who are seeking to study abroad will be more motivated. Japan has always been a passion of mine. It has the world's third largest economy. And, it is very eco-friendly. The technology there is very advanced. The buildings and city lights are so beautiful at night. The festivals held there are so lively and they are extremely entertaining. The food especially is so delicious and healthy. The schools there give more freedom to students too. Japan is a very safe country that even high school students can walk around the streets of a town independently. This is very meaningful to me because experiencing all the things that Japan has to offer will be life-changing. There is nothing more exciting than going on an adventure to a whole new world. I know it may seem ridiculous that someone as young as me wants to go to Japan this badly. But, this has been my desire for a very long time, I have devoted my self to work hard in school and become a good student so that I can earn my eligibilty. I promise that everything you donate will not be put to waste. So, please help to contribute to giving a chance to someone to fulfill their dreams! Thank you so much for donating and helping out. Every penny counts! Thank you.

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