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Cindy Young Start Date: Sep 20, 2019 - End Date: Mar 19, 2020
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My Travel Story

by: Cindy Young Start Date: Sep 20, 2019 - End Date: Mar 19, 2020
It has long been my dream to volunteer in Africa, more so now than ever before. With many species like Gorillas, Elephants and Rhino's vanishing every day I can no longer sit and watch on TV when I know I can make a difference.  I have MS and my chance to follow my dream and make a positive impact is shrinking every day. I need to give back to our world now, before I can no longer extend my help. I have discovered a way to fulfill my dream and have a positive impact on our world. With a little help from you, I am going to travel to  Uganada, and Zimbabwe where I am registered to participate in programs for the protection and conservation of gorillas, elephants and Rhino's. These projects will be working in protected areas for elephants and Rhinos, patroling on horseback with the local Rangers to help stop poachers.  Another part of the program is learning how to care for orphaned baby elephants and juvenile Black Rhinosceros. While in Africa I have committed to teaching English at a local orphanage in this troubled, often neglected part of our world. Finally, your support enables me to put together badly needed (non-perishable) medical supplies for a remote clinic, near the village where the school is located. I am so very excited about all of the programs and I look forward to making a difference in our world. I am going, saving all I can,  but with a little from others I can help more people. Thank you for reading this and for the careful consideration I know you will afford my fundraising efforts.

Thank You
Cindy Young, Vancouver Island, BC
  • Uganda
  • Zimbabwe


  • Feeding Orphaned Elephants

    Feeding orphaned elephants
    Unfortunately baby elephants can be orphaned for a few reasons, one being poachers taking or killing for ivory tusks. It is very sad, but still goes on and we all need to educate the world to stop killing or selling elephants to zoos.
  • WWF

    Elephants are being killed for their ivory in the thousands